WisdomTree Secures Regulatory Approval for Digital Asset Business in New York

WisdomTree Secures Regulatory Approval for Digital Asset Business in New York

WisdomTree, the issuer of a Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF), has successfully obtained regulatory approval from the New York State Department of Financial Services (DFS) to operate its digital asset business within the state. This approval comes in the form of a charter that allows WisdomTree to function as a limited-purpose trust company under the New York Banking Law.

CEO Jonathan Steinberg highlighted the significance of this license, stating that it enables the firm to offer innovative products while putting customer protection at the forefront. He specifically praised the DFS for being the leading regulator for businesses involved in digital asset activities, emphasizing the bank-grade regulation that underpins the trust company charter program.

New York is known for having one of the most stringent crypto regulatory frameworks in the United States, necessitating that crypto-related entities adhere to registration and licensing requirements set forth by the authorities. Over the past year, the state has initiated legal actions against various crypto platforms, including Gemini and Genesis, for non-compliance with local laws.

The approval from DFS paves the way for the launch of the WisdomTree Prime platform, which will offer a diverse array of products within the WisdomTree Prime ecosystem. This includes the issuance of WisdomTree Gold and Dollar Tokens, providing users with access to cryptocurrencies, digital gold, and digital funds on a mobile platform. This integrated ecosystem aims to facilitate saving, spending, and investing on-chain for consumers.

The trust charter and fiduciary powers granted to WisdomTree will play a crucial role in enhancing customer protection, particularly in terms of asset storage. CEO Will Peck expressed confidence in the company’s product offerings and responsible growth strategy, signaling a commitment to ensuring the security and integrity of customer assets within the digital asset business.

The regulatory approval received by WisdomTree from the New York State Department of Financial Services represents a significant milestone in the firm’s journey to establish itself as a key player in the digital asset industry. With a strong emphasis on innovation and customer protection, WisdomTree is poised to make a lasting impact in the evolving landscape of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.


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