The Wild-West Adventure of Chalk River Metaverse: NFTs, Web3, and More

The Wild-West Adventure of Chalk River Metaverse: NFTs, Web3, and More

Vendetta Games’ flagship game, Chalk River Metaverse, has undergone significant developments since its initial alpha tests last year. This unique blend of the wild-west open-world combat genre with NFTs and web3 has captivated gamers and crypto enthusiasts alike. As we eagerly await the upcoming token generation event (TGE), let’s delve into some remarkable aspects of the game, including the recent NFT drop and what to expect in the future.

In November of last year, Vendetta Games released its highly sought-after NFT collection called “Frontier Pass.” This collection consisted of 888 exquisitely crafted passes, with 777 publicly released and free-to-mint NFTs. Additionally, a staggering $40,000 prize pool in Vendetta Games’ VDT tokens was up for grabs. The Frontier Pass release occurred in three phases: guaranteed whitelist spots, first come first serve, and public rounds.

The demand for the Frontier Pass NFTs was overwhelming, with the collection minting out within seconds of the first come first serve round opening. Trading volume skyrocketed, reaching over 100 ETH before minting out and an impressive 220 ETH within the first 36 hours post-drop. Today, the collection boasts a trading volume exceeding 550 ETH, gaining substantial traction on platforms like OpenSea.

One of the alluring aspects for holders of the Frontier Pass collection is the promise of early and exclusive access to Vendetta Games’ Chalk River metaverse. This privilege extends to participation in a major token airdrop later this year, access to in-game enhancements for activities like gunslinging, horse riding, and town looting, as well as priority access to future NFT collections.

Vendetta Games’ Chalk River metaverse is an open-world game set in the wild-west, featuring a captivating narrative inspired by renowned titles like the Red Dead Redemption series. The game offers engaging mini-games, complementing the main storyline. Last year, Chalk River’s early alpha build garnered significant attention, attracting over 2,000 dedicated players from the Vendetta Games community.

Although the closed alpha test has concluded, holders of the Frontier Pass NFTs will have exclusive access to upcoming playtests, allowing them to fully experience the most recent game build. Players can engage in thrilling one-to-one gunslinging shootouts or embark on adventures like looting towns. The gameplay combines fast-paced PVP action with diverse strategic elements, offering players the opportunity to indulge in bank robberies, canyon races, rescuing townsfolk, gold mining, and managing businesses and farms.

Vendetta Games ensures that players can earn rewards within the metaverse. Players have the opportunity to acquire the native cryptocurrency token VDT, in-game “gold-dust” currency, and various in-game NFTs through gamified staking, storylines, and objective completions. Moreover, the Chalk River metaverse houses seven wild-west themed side-games, including multiplayer shootouts with wager-based rewards in VDT.

Excitingly, Vendetta Games will open the playtest for the Chalk River metaverse to holders of Frontier Pass NFTs. This opportunity allows users to have an early glimpse into the game and explore its immersive world. While the exact release date remains undisclosed, the playtest is anticipated to launch in Q1 of 2024, shortly after the token-generation event.

To maximize accessibility, Chalk River will be available for both Mac OS and Windows users. Mobile versions of the game are also in development and scheduled for release later this year. PC users running Intel-i5 processors with at least 8GB RAM can easily enjoy the game, while Mac users with an operating system higher than 11.0 can effortlessly access Chalk River.

At the core of Vendetta Games’ ecosystem lies the Vendetta token (VDT). This cryptocurrency serves as both in-game currency and a crucial utility asset for token holders. Within the game, VDT powers staking pools, rewards scholars, and supports a circular economic model that fuels its growth while functioning as the primary in-game currency.

For gamers, VDT enables seamless transactions and trade within the game environment, serving as the primary medium of exchange. Additionally, investors can benefit from VDT as it offers continuous revenue streams within the ecosystem, including Vendetta Games and the Chalk River metaverse. This provides investment opportunities and contributes to the long-term sustainability of the ecosystem.

Vendetta Games recently announced its inaugural Initial DEX Offering (IDO) with BullPerks, a cryptocurrency launchpad. Although the token listing date is yet to be confirmed, Vendetta aims to launch its token through IDO, followed by a centralized exchange listing in the coming months.

Vendetta Games’ Chalk River Metaverse has established itself as an early exemplar of a robust web3 game. With its captivating gameplay and the integration of NFTs and web3 technology, it holds vast potential. As the crypto market continues to soar, the Chalk River project showcases promise and offers an endlessly replayable adventure in the wild-west. Exciting times lie ahead for gamers, crypto enthusiasts, and investors alike.


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