The Velocity Series: Redefining the Intersection of Art, Racing, and Technology

The Velocity Series: Redefining the Intersection of Art, Racing, and Technology

In a groundbreaking collaboration between Bybit, Oracle Red Bull Racing, and a team of talented digital artists, the Velocity Series has emerged as a trailblazing project at the intersection of art, racing, and technology. This innovative venture introduces distinctive digital collectibles inspired by the telemetry and racing data of the dominating RB19 car in Formula 1. The Velocity Series showcases the unparalleled talent and success of renowned digital artists in partnership with a Formula 1 team, marking a significant milestone in the realm of digital art.

Under the curation of AOI, a foundation for emerging art and technology, the Velocity Series is divided into four releases. Coinciding with the Dutch, Japanese, US, and Abu Dhabi Grand Prix throughout the 2023 Formula 1 season, each release offers a unique collection of NFTs. These collections encompass limited-edition sets exclusively available to Velocity Pass holders, as well as open-edition sales accessible to the public.

At the heart of the Velocity Series lies the remarkable Velocity Pass, an exceptional creation from a motorsport team that transcends conventional notions of art. Evolving throughout the season, this premium NFT offers art enthusiasts exclusive access to the ongoing narrative of the Velocity Series, along with a range of utilities. Notably, pass holders gain the exclusive opportunity to purchase date-driven creations from the artists during each release. Furthermore, every release rewards pass holders with a complimentary open-edition NFT, enhancing the value of their collections. Additionally, Velocity Pass holders have the privilege of attending Oracle Red Bull Racing events and stand a chance to win rare prizes from both Oracle Red Bull Racing and Bybit.

Key figures from Oracle Red Bull Racing and Bybit have expressed their overwhelming excitement and unwavering optimism surrounding the Velocity Series. Caroline Buckland, the Head of Fan Engagement at Oracle Red Bull Racing, emphasized the allurement of the limited-edition NFTs and their alignment with the team’s progressive performance. “The NFTs released as part of the series are limited editions and truly capture the essence of the Team’s prowess and progressive performance. Each collection is unique to the artists’ particular style, making them highly sought after by collectors and fans,” Buckland stated.

Bybit, having swiftly established itself as the world’s third most visited cryptocurrency exchange since its inception in 2018, also reinforces the enthusiasm surrounding the Velocity Series. Anndy Lian, Head of Partnerships at Bybit, underlined the strategic value of this collaboration and echoed the excitement generated. “Bybit and Oracle Red Bull Racing are excited to launch the Velocity Series, which brings together the creative talents of some of the world’s best digital artists with cutting-edge technology, enabling us to leverage our respective strengths and further advance our position in the rapidly-evolving Web3 era,” Lian commented.

The Velocity Series signifies a fusion of art, racing, and technology that provides a unique opportunity for enthusiasts, collectors, and racing fans alike to engage with this captivating blend. Through the intricate combination of high-octane racing data and masterful digital artistry, these NFTs encapsulate Formula 1’s expansion into the digital sphere, shedding light on the growing relevance of Web3. This collaboration pioneers a new era of interaction between fans, Formula 1, and the mesmerizing world of digital art.

With its limited-edition NFTs and exclusive access to events, the Velocity Pass offers a valuable and unparalleled experience for art enthusiasts and collectors. The opportunity to possess these meticulously crafted digital collectibles inspired by the sport enables individuals to connect with Formula 1 in an unprecedented manner. As the Velocity Pass holders gain deeper insights into the narratives and creations associated with each release, they become part of the dynamic evolution of this innovative project. The Velocity Series exemplifies the relentless innovation and forward momentum that characterizes Formula 1 in the digital age.

The Velocity Series is rewriting the rulebook, redefining the boundaries, and introducing a new paradigm where art, racing, and technology converge. This ground-breaking collaboration between Bybit, Oracle Red Bull Racing, and a group of talented digital artists showcases the limitless possibilities of the digital art world. As Formula 1 expands its horizons into the digital domain, the Velocity Series serves as a testament to the unwavering spirit of innovation and the seamless integration of art and technology. Embrace this unique opportunity to become an integral part of the Velocity Series and witness the remarkable fusion of art, racing, and technology.


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