The U.K.’s Financial Conduct Authority Struggles to Enforce New Crypto Promotion Requirements

The U.K.’s Financial Conduct Authority Struggles to Enforce New Crypto Promotion Requirements

The U.K.’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has encountered numerous challenges in ensuring compliance with its newly implemented crypto promotion requirements. These rules, which were put into effect on October 8th, aim to protect consumers by mandating companies to inform users about the risks associated with investing in certain crypto products. In addition, the FCA prohibits firms from offering referral bonuses and imposes other specific obligations. However, the FCA has identified three major shortcomings in compliance.

One of the key issues identified by the FCA is that many companies have been making claims about the safety, security, and ease of use of their cryptocurrency services without adequately highlighting the inherent risks involved. This failure undermines the goal of protecting users by providing them with accurate and comprehensive information before making investment decisions. By glossing over the risks, these companies may inadvertently mislead investors, leaving them vulnerable to financial loss.

Another significant concern raised by the FCA is the insufficient visibility of risk warnings. Some companies have used small fonts, obscure colors, or poor positioning, rendering the warnings difficult to notice or comprehend. By failing to ensure that these warnings are easily visible and understandable, companies are not fulfilling their responsibilities to properly inform their customers. This lack of transparency perpetuates a sense of false security among users, potentially leading to uninformed investment choices.

The FCA has also found that certain firms have failed to adequately address the risks associated with specific products. This deficiency is particularly worrisome as it exposes users to the possibility of making ill-informed investment decisions. By neglecting to provide a clear and comprehensive assessment of the risks, these companies are not equipping users with the necessary information to make informed choices about their investments.

The FCA has made it clear that it will take action against companies that do not comply with the new promotion requirements. As a demonstration of its commitment to enforcing these rules, the regulator has already imposed restrictions on, a company that was expected to partner with Binance for the provision of its UK services. The FCA has been proactive in issuing alerts to firms that violate the regulations, with a total of 221 alerts issued to date. While many of these alerts have been targeted at lesser-known companies, prominent crypto firms like HTX and KuCoin have also faced scrutiny.

The new crypto marketing regime in the UK is characterized by its strictness, as it empowers the government to impose unlimited fines on companies and even hold executives accountable with potential prison time. Another distinctive feature of these rules is their applicability to not only UK-based companies but also those that serve UK customers from overseas. The severity of the penalties and the expansive scope of the regulations have played a role in the recent withdrawal of several notable crypto services from the UK market, including PayPal, Bybit, Nicehash, and Luno.

The Financial Conduct Authority of the UK has encountered challenges in ensuring compliance with its recently implemented crypto promotion requirements. By shedding light on the shortcomings observed, such as the lack of risk disclosure, inadequate visibility of warnings, and the failure to adequately address specific product risks, the FCA hopes to drive improvements in the industry. The strict nature of the regulations, including the potential for substantial fines and penalties, has prompted the withdrawal of some crypto services from the UK market. As the FCA continues to enforce the rules and address non-compliance, it aims to enhance consumer protection and promote responsible practices within the cryptocurrency sector.


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