The TON Foundation Airdrop: An Opportunity for NFT Traders

The TON Foundation Airdrop: An Opportunity for NFT Traders

In recent news, the TON Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and developing the Ton blockchain, has announced an exciting airdrop opportunity for active NFT traders and holders. This airdrop will distribute 105,600 TON tokens, valued at approximately $600K, to eligible participants on popular Ton NFT marketplaces. Let’s delve deeper into this opportunity and understand how you can participate in it.

Understanding the TON Foundation

The TON Foundation plays a crucial role in promoting and developing the Ton blockchain, which is known for being a fast and scalable multi-blockchain platform for decentralized applications (dApps). As a non-profit organization, the foundation is responsible for managing and allocating the native TON token, as well as providing support to projects and individuals building on the Ton blockchain.

The recent airdrop by the TON Foundation aimed to distribute 105,600 TON tokens to active NFT traders and holders on popular marketplaces such as Getgems, xRare, and Ton NFT Diamonds. Eligible participants were determined based on a snapshot taken on April 23 at 8:00 AM CEST, taking into account trading activity between April 11 (2 PM CEST) and April 23 (8 AM CEST). It’s important to note that any trading activity after the snapshot was not considered for the airdrop.

To qualify for the airdrop, participants needed to have been actively trading NFT collections within the specified timeframe. However, certain criteria were in place to ensure the authenticity of participants. Sybil wallet addresses, non-wallet addresses, and owners of NFT collections who did not trade on the designated platforms were excluded from the airdrop. This was done to guarantee that only legitimate and active traders and holders could benefit from the rewards.

Participants in the airdrop were awarded points based on various factors, including the number of NFT collections traded. For example, trading between 2 to 4 collections earned a user 1 point, with additional points given for trading more collections. Points could also be earned based on the total number of NFT transactions and the overall volume of NFT trading per user. Once enough points were accumulated, participants could exchange them for TON tokens, the native token of the Ton blockchain. While the exact conversion rate has not been disclosed, the TON Foundation will announce it in the future.

Don’t Miss Out

If you are an active NFT trader or holder on platforms like Getgems, xRare, or Ton NFT Diamonds, this airdrop presents a valuable opportunity to earn TON tokens. Remember, to qualify for the airdrop, you must have actively traded NFTs between April 11 and April 23, as the snapshot was taken on April 23 at 8:00 AM CEST. Stay informed about the latest updates from the TON Foundation and the Ton blockchain by following their official social media channels.

The TON Foundation’s airdrop is a great way for active NFT traders and holders to benefit from the growth of the Ton blockchain ecosystem. By participating in this opportunity, you not only have the chance to earn TON tokens but also contribute to the development and promotion of decentralized applications on the Ton blockchain. Keep an eye out for future airdrop opportunities and stay engaged with the TON Foundation’s initiatives in the blockchain space.


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