The Tangem Wallet 2.0: Revolutionizing Crypto Trading with Real-Time Price Tracking

The Tangem Wallet 2.0: Revolutionizing Crypto Trading with Real-Time Price Tracking

Since its inception in 2009, the cryptocurrency industry has experienced exponential growth in terms of market size and the number of active currencies. As of 2023, there are over 22,932 active cryptocurrencies in the market, highlighting the remarkable expansion of the sector. While most users focus on the top cryptocurrencies, those who engage in trading or investing in digital assets often have to deal with more obscure currencies. To stay updated on the movements of these tokens, extensive research is required, which can be time-consuming and inefficient. However, Tangem Wallet, a smartcard-based hardware wallet and mobile application for digital assets, aims to enhance access to cryptocurrencies for its users. With the imminent release of Tangem Wallet 2.0 in October, the new app will introduce several innovative features to streamline user experience and facilitate comprehensive interaction with digital assets. Among the new features that have garnered significant attention from users is the ability to monitor token price changes within the app. This article delves into the utility of this feature for users and the impact of Tangem’s rebranding on attracting crypto-enthusiasts to their platform.

One of the key aspects that sets the cryptocurrency market apart from traditional financial mediums is its continuous operation 24/7. Unlike the stock market, which has allocated active windows and closes for holidays, the crypto market never sleeps. Even the Forex market, renowned for its accessibility, closes on the weekends. In contrast, the crypto market operates around the clock, with constant fluctuations, adjustments, and rapid trades. Due to the high availability of cryptocurrencies, individuals interested in trading these digital assets must constantly monitor pricing charts to ascertain the fluctuations in their chosen currencies. In the realm of crypto, prices can radically shift within a matter of minutes, emphasizing the necessity of live-price tracking for traders. Staying informed about the dynamic crypto market is crucial for those actively interacting, trading, or investing in cryptocurrencies. Without real-time data, traders find it challenging to make informed decisions.

The upcoming Tangem application will introduce a token organizer page, granting users access to a curated selection of cryptocurrencies. By selecting a specific currency, users can add it to their list of tracked cryptos. The list provides information about the coins they follow and the networks they are supported on. Tangem currently supports 37 different networks, including industry leaders such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, Polkadot, and Cardano. Upon adding a cryptocurrency to their list, users gain access to 24-hour token price changes. At a glance, the menu displays a live stream of changing figures, showcasing the amount of a particular crypto owned, its value at that moment, and the percentage change over 24 hours. Since users often possess multiple cryptocurrencies simultaneously, they can employ the filtering feature to locate specific currencies based on the network, crypto value, total owned value, or other relevant fields. Furthermore, by clicking on a specific cryptocurrency, users gain access to a live trading chart, providing additional details and recent trading trends. The top of the price tracing screen presents the total value of the user’s cryptocurrency holdings in USD equivalent, enabling traders to comprehend their overall investment at any given time.

In addition to the currently supported cryptocurrencies, Tangem actively collects feedback and requests from users through platforms such as Discord and X. With a significantly engaged community, Tangem operates a Users’ Wishlist, continuously adding new cryptos based on user suggestions. Over time, the company aims to incorporate these recommendations into the app, fostering a more diverse crypto ecosystem for users. This feature, set to be available in October, empowers Tangem’s community by enabling price tracking, facilitating informed decision-making, and ensuring up-to-date information about every owned coin. Given the notoriously dynamic nature of the cryptocurrency market, characterized by daily fluctuations, this feature is a highly valuable asset for traders. The forthcoming updates from Tangem will establish an all-in-one information portal for cryptocurrency prices, keeping traders informed around the clock. The integration of this feature within a crypto wallet app ensures that users can always stay informed about the exact value of their assets, current pricing trends, and the daily movements of their preferred coins. Tangem’s new features represent a long-awaited and comprehensive enhancement of the platform’s utility for traders, investors, and crypto-enthusiasts alike.

Tangem Wallet’s upcoming release of Tangem Wallet 2.0 marks an important milestone in revolutionizing the crypto trading experience. With the introduction of real-time price tracking and an intuitive token organizer, Tangem enhances user accessibility and provides a comprehensive platform for trading and investing in cryptocurrencies. The continuous operation of the crypto market demands constant monitoring of pricing fluctuations, making live-price tracking an essential tool for traders. Tangem’s efforts to actively engage with its community and incorporate user suggestions further solidify the platform’s commitment to offer a diverse crypto ecosystem. By empowering users with up-to-date information and facilitating informed decision-making, Tangem Wallet 2.0 establishes itself as an indispensable tool for individuals seeking to navigate the dynamic and potentially profitable world of cryptocurrency trading.


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