The Sound and BASE Collaboration: Pioneering Music with Blockchain Technology

The Sound and BASE Collaboration: Pioneering Music with Blockchain Technology

In an industry that is constantly evolving, artists are continuously seeking innovative ways to share and monetize their creative works. The partnership between Sound and BASE, an Ethereum layer 2 platform developed by Coinbase, offers a groundbreaking opportunity for artists to leverage blockchain technology in their music creations. By minting their music on BASE, artists gain access to the Coinbase blockchain ecosystem and its vast array of benefits.

One of BASE’s primary objectives is to onboard the next billion users into the world of blockchain. To achieve this ambitious goal, BASE offers reduced gas fees and faster transactions for artists. More notably, artists can upload and withdraw their music for free without the need for bridging processes or the purchase of digital currencies.

With BASE as a deployment platform, artists using Sound have the authority to decide where their contracts will be deployed. They have the freedom to choose between BASE, Optimism, and mainnet Ethereum as available options. Moreover, Sound covers all associated gas fees related to uploads, revenue splits, and post-sales withdrawals.

The integration of Sound with BASE has the potential to attract a significant new audience within the coming years. Coinbase boasts over 100 million users and a staggering $130 billion in capital. Through BASE’s collaboration with Sound, emerging music artists in the Web3 ecosystem can expect increased attention and exposure. The partnership aims to offer a more user-friendly experience, thus reducing barriers to entry in the music industry.

For collectors interested in purchasing songs on BASE, they have the option to bridge Ethereum (ETH) to the platform. This can be done either through the official BASE bridge or by using a credit card or mainnet ETH. Regardless of the method, collectors can acquire songs delivered on the BASE chain, providing a seamless transaction process.

To commemorate this groundbreaking collaboration, BASE is releasing its first-ever song produced by Reo Cragun and Heno, aptly titled “Based.” This exclusive track is available as a free open edition collectible on a dedicated Base profile on Sound. Collectors now have a unique opportunity to engage with exclusive content and become early adopters of this innovative platform.

The integration of Sound with BASE represents an exciting development in the music industry. By combining the power of blockchain technology with the creative talents of artists, this collaboration aims to open new doors and possibilities. The focus on providing user-friendly experiences and reducing barriers to entry promises to reshape the way musicians and fans interact and engage with music.

As the ever-changing landscape of the music industry continues to progress, partnerships like Sound and BASE demonstrate the potential for blockchain technology to revolutionize the way artists create, share, and monetize their works. It is an era where innovation meets creativity, propelling the music industry into uncharted territories.


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