The Seaport Scavenger Hunt: A Blend of Physical and Digital Exploration

The Seaport Scavenger Hunt: A Blend of Physical and Digital Exploration

Manhattan’s historic Seaport district is set to become the backdrop for an innovative digital initiative. The Howard Hughes Corp and MoonPay have partnered to create a unique scavenger hunt experience that seamlessly combines physical exploration with digital rewards. This collaborative venture aims to bring a gamified Web3 experience to one of Manhattan’s most iconic waterfront neighborhoods, Seaport.

Starting from August 21st until October 31st, locals and tourists alike are invited to participate in the Seaport Scavenger Hunt. This digital quest involves finding ten purple “pearls” scattered throughout the Seaport district. Each pearl conceals a QR code that, when scanned using a mobile device, grants the user a free digital token. These tokens, crafted by 3D artist and NFT creator Johana Kroft, depict playful depictions of iconic New York City artifacts.

The digital tokens not only add excitement to the hunt but also qualify participants for a weekly prize drawing. Collecting all ten tokens gives participants a chance to win various prizes, including VIP tickets to the Summer Concert Series on The Rooftop at Pier 17 and curated culinary gift boxes worth up to $350 from the Tin Building. Participants can engage in the event multiple times a week, increasing their chances of winning.

Beyond the entertainment aspect, the Seaport Scavenger Hunt serves as a data collection mechanism. It captures information about participants’ origin and movement patterns within the Seaport area. This data can provide valuable insights for marketing strategies, fostering deeper engagement with local businesses.

Behind the scenes, the scavenger hunt relies on a robust infrastructure and collaborative effort. MoonPay ensures the secure storage of the NFTs through their powered wallets, while the QR technology, facilitated by Flowcode, plays a crucial role in bringing the hunt to life. The project also involves a creative partnership with Mason Rothschild’s Web3 marketing agency, Gasoline, and Howard Hughes’ in-house creative studio. Notably, the entire experience operates on the Polygon network, showcasing the potential of blockchain technology.

Despite its technological underpinnings, the Seaport Scavenger Hunt is designed to be accessible to the public. Promotional materials at the entrance do not mention crypto, NFTs, or Polygon, presenting the event as a fun-filled digitally augmented scavenger hunt. This approach aims to encourage participation from a wider audience, fostering engagement without overwhelming individuals with unfamiliar terms.

The Seaport Scavenger Hunt exemplifies how traditional outdoor activities can be enhanced with modern technology. By combining physical exploration with digital rewards, MoonPay and The Howard Hughes Corp. provide the public with the opportunity to casually familiarize themselves with Web3 and NFT concepts. This immersive experience blurs the boundaries between the physical and digital worlds, showcasing the potential for innovative collaborations in the future.

The Seaport Scavenger Hunt introduces a new way to engage with Manhattan’s historic Seaport district. By embracing the possibilities of Web3 technology, this unique initiative merges physical exploration with digital rewards, creating an immersive experience for participants. As the hunt unfolds, participants have the chance to win exciting prizes while contributing valuable data for marketing strategies. The collaboration between MoonPay, The Howard Hughes Corp, and other partners showcases the power of collaboration and innovation in transforming traditional outdoor activities. The Seaport Scavenger Hunt is not just a game—it is a glimpse into the future of interactive experiences that seamlessly blend the physical and digital realms.


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