The Sale of MPG to Keywords Studios: A Dive into the Future of Metaverse and Web3 Technologies

The Sale of MPG to Keywords Studios: A Dive into the Future of Metaverse and Web3 Technologies

Improbable, renowned for its metaverse technology innovations, has made a significant move by selling its gaming division, The Multiplayer Group (MPG), to Keywords Studios for an impressive £76.5 million ($97.1 million). This decision not only boosts Keywords Studios’ ‘Create’ division but also introduces MPG’s extensive expertise in multiplayer game development. Collaborating with esteemed gaming studios and publishers such as Activision Blizzard, Bethesda, Epic, and 2K, MPG has established its presence since its inception in 2018. With over 360 employees worldwide, the acquisition by Keywords Studios will not lead to a change in the leadership team, consisting of Andy Norman, Rocco Loscalzo, Vaughan O’Brien, and Roger Cheung, as they continue to guide MPG towards accomplishing its growth objectives in the next two years with the help of a management incentive plan.

The acquisition of MPG by Keywords Studios is a testament to their admiration for MPG’s exceptional work quality and its client base consisting of industry leaders. Highlighting MPG’s expertise in developing AAA multiplayer games and its adept utilization of technology and data analytics, Bertrand Bodson, CEO of Keywords Studios, expresses delight in welcoming the MPG team to their organization. This strategic move aligns with Keywords Studios’ objective to enhance their platform and expand their services, particularly in the domain of specialized multiplayer game development, catering to the growing demand for live services.

As Keywords Studios widens its horizons, Improbable redirects its attention towards the flourishing realm of metaverse development. With an aim to expand its current capacity, Improbable plans to scale its experimental metaverse events. In their recent annual report, Improbable emphasizes the vitality of metaverse and Web3 technologies in the present landscape. The company predicts a transformation in gaming, eroding the boundaries between physical and digital realities. Herman Narula, co-founder and CEO of Improbable, emphasizes the potential growth of the metaverse by 2024, driven by the convergence of gaming, VR/XR, and Web3 technologies. The success of headsets like Apple’s Vision Pro and Meta Quest 3 will further fuel the demand for immersive metaverse experiences. Narula foresees gaming companies incorporating metaversal elements into their offerings, creating new opportunities for brand activation. Additionally, consolidation within the gaming and Web3 sectors is expected to foster a stronger and more innovative startup ecosystem, with companies combining resources and expertise to develop groundbreaking metaverse applications.

The development of the Web3 ecosystem brings forth a scale of maturity and stability that was unseen in earlier phases. Asia, in particular, is projected to emerge as a significant participant, shaping the future of this digital frontier. As the hub for online communities, digital asset economies, and digital events, Asia exemplifies the rapid evolution within the technology landscape.

The sale of MPG to Keywords Studios signifies a new chapter for both companies. Keywords Studios expands its capabilities in multiplayer game development, positioning itself as a leader in the live services arena. On the other hand, Improbable harnesses the sale to focus on metaverse development, nurturing its experimental events and contributing to the transformation of the gaming industry. With the metaverse and Web3 technologies at the forefront, the future holds promising advancements and endless possibilities for immersive digital experiences. As the boundaries between physical and digital realities continue to blur, companies are bound to innovate and collaborate, creating an ecosystem that thrives on the metaverse and its applications. The journey towards this digital future is just beginning, and we are poised to witness the remarkable developments and transformative experiences that lie ahead.


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