The Rise of TG.Casino: A GameFi Sensation Takes the Market by Storm

The Rise of TG.Casino: A GameFi Sensation Takes the Market by Storm

Saturday November 18th 2023 – Move over Rollbit as GameFi sensation TG.Casino raises $2.5 million after raising $300,000 in one day, leaving less than 50% of $TGC tokens available to buy in its ongoing presale. The breakout of GameFi tokens such as Rollbit’s $RLB has been one of the key outperformers in the 2023 crypto market. Now TG.Casino is set to follow suit with an ecosystem that beats out the competition.

TG.Casino has many advantages over Rollbit and other gaming competitors. For starters, staking means that unlike with $RLB, you can earn passive income by holding and staking $TGC. Furthermore, TG.Casino’s 40% burn is price-supportive and a percentage of daily profits goes towards token buybacks, which, in turn, funds the staking rewards income.

Endorsements for $TGC are rolling in from key opinion leaders (KOLs) and influencers in the Web3 space, evident in a flurry of activity on social media. Just some of the crypto notables who have taken notice of TG.Casino are Eric Cryptoman, Erik Stevens, Dogen, Poe, CTM, Sibel, CheatCoiner, and Wizard of Soho. Underpinning the explosion of interest on crypto Twitter is a discernible positive shift in the investment backdrop for TG.Casino, with the Rollbit community starting to stir.

On-chain analysis shows that $150,000 has recently been diverted from Rollbit into TG.Casino by one whale, in a deepening of a rotation trend that has fueled the $300,000 inflows in the past 24 hours. This particular Rollbit whale made one transaction in which $50,000 worth of $TGC was purchased in the TG.Casino presale and immediately staked. The commitment from the whale is a major signifier of the strengthening in the position of $TGC in the market, contributing to an acceleration in the run rate for the ICO.

Telegram messaging app is the go-to tool of the cryptoverse and has grown to become much more than just a messaging app because of its powerful bot features. The frictionless way in which users of apps on its platform can be accessed means TG.Casino is quickly adding to its user base. There is no KYC required for Telegram-based customers. TG.Casino’s brand recognition is taking off in the DeFi Gaming space, with competitors like Rollbit and others looking over their shoulders at the new competitor eating their lunch.

The competitiveness of the TG.Casino offering means it is a superior product to not just Rollbit but to market leader Unlike, TG.Casino has its own token and offers staking, passive income, and higher roller rewards. Putting some numbers on the competitive offering from TG.Casino, if you buy and stake $TGC today, you can currently earn an annual percentage yield of 225%. In addition, TG.Casino now has 6,450 members of its Telegram channel.

Helping to fuel growth has been the 200% rakeback bonus up-to 10 ETH. Now fully integrated into the TG Casino platform, a huge demand-side incentive has fostered renewed interest in the $TGC token courtesy of a unique cashback opportunity. Players are able to place bets across the TG Casino bot using most leading cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and stablecoins such as Tether (USDT). Players betting using the $TGC token are eligible for a 25% net cash-back on losses. This added measure not only incentivizes buy pressure in the $TGC tokenomics but also offers you the opportunity to balance your high-risk wagers with a layer of protection on your bottom line. Keeping you in the game for longer, crypto gambling enthusiasts are now flocking to the TG Casino platform to make the most of their gambling balance.

According to coinmarketcap, Rollbit coin $RLB is up 5,813% since launch, and on present form, there is no reason why TG.Casino can’t emulate or beat that performance. Not surprisingly, therefore, leading crypto influencer Crypto V.O reckons TG.Casino is ‘the next 100x presale gem’. Crypto market participants are looking to TG Casino’s $TGC token to match the best of the returns seen elsewhere in GameFi, as the gambling market goes from strength to strength, making a tier-1 centralized exchange listing later this year only a matter of time.

TG.Casino is proving to be a rising star in the GameFi sector of the crypto market. With its superior advantages over competitors, endorsements from influential figures, strong user growth, and unique cashback opportunities, TG.Casino is capturing the attention of investors and crypto enthusiasts alike. As it continues to gain momentum, TG.Casino has the potential to become the next big success story in the crypto world. However, it is important for investors to do their own research and recognize the high-risk nature of crypto investments.


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