The Return of Lazarus: North Korea-Backed Hacker Group Utilizing Tornado Cash for Transactions

The Return of Lazarus: North Korea-Backed Hacker Group Utilizing Tornado Cash for Transactions

It has come to light that the notorious North Korea-backed hacker group Lazarus has made a strategic shift in its money laundering tactics. Despite previous US government sanctions that led them to cease the use of the crypto mixer Tornado Cash, the group has resorted to utilizing it once again to obfuscate their transactions. This move comes after alternatives like and cross-chain bridges became limited due to sanctions as well, leaving Lazarus with fewer options.

The impact of US government sanctions on various crypto platforms has been significant. was targeted for its alleged involvement in facilitating money laundering activities for North Korean state-sponsored hacking groups. This has forced Lazarus Group to turn back to Tornado Cash, which has managed to evade sanctions due to its decentralized nature. The inability of authorities to seize and shut down decentralized mixers like Tornado Cash poses challenges in combating illicit activities.

Recent reports from blockchain analytics firm Elliptic have shed light on Lazarus Group’s recent movements of approximately $13 million in funds stolen from the HTX Exploit. These funds were transferred through Tornado Cash in multiple transactions over a short period, marking a resurgence in the group’s illicit operations. This return to using Tornado Cash indicates the group’s adaptability and resilience in overcoming regulatory obstacles.

Market Trends and Support

Despite the controversies surrounding Tornado Cash and its association with criminal activities, data from DeFillama suggests a significant uptick in the platform’s usage. The total value of assets locked in Tornado Cash has reached $565 million, signaling renewed interest and activity. This positive trend is also reflected in the value of TORN token, which has seen a 13% increase in trading value. Furthermore, the crypto community has shown support for the developers of Tornado Cash amidst legal challenges from multiple governments, with industry players like Coinbase rallying behind them.

The resurgence of Lazarus Group’s use of Tornado Cash highlights the limitations of regulatory measures in combating crypto-related crimes. The decentralized nature of platforms like Tornado Cash poses challenges for law enforcement agencies in monitoring and controlling illicit activities. As the crypto landscape continues to evolve, it becomes crucial for regulators and industry players to collaborate in addressing the growing threat of money laundering and cybercrime in the digital asset space.


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