The Reapplication of HTX for a VATP License in Hong Kong: A Closer Look

The Reapplication of HTX for a VATP License in Hong Kong: A Closer Look

HTX, a cryptocurrency exchange formerly known as Huobi, has recently resubmitted its application for a Virtual Asset Trading Platform (VATP) license in Hong Kong. This move comes after the exchange withdrew its initial application without explanation, raising questions about its eligibility and compliance with regulatory requirements.

According to the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) website, the initial application was filed by Huobi HK on Feb. 20 but was retracted on Feb. 23. Despite this setback, HTX reinitiated the application process on Feb. 26, signaling its determination to secure the necessary license to operate in Hong Kong’s competitive market.

The SFC has been vigilant in enforcing registration requirements for cryptocurrency platforms operating in Hong Kong. A recent warning issued by the financial watchdog stated that unregistered platforms must submit their license applications by Feb. 29 or risk closure by May 31. This deadline underscores the SFC’s commitment to regulating the cryptocurrency industry and protecting investors from potential risks.

In response to the SFC’s warnings, several major cryptocurrency firms, including HTX, Bullish, and, have submitted fresh applications for a VATP license. The increased interest in obtaining regulatory approval reflects the growing importance of compliance and legitimacy in the cryptocurrency market.

Despite the influx of new applications, OSL and Hashkey remain the only licensed crypto exchanges in Hong Kong. This limited number of licensed platforms highlights the challenges and requirements involved in obtaining regulatory approval in a rapidly evolving industry.

The reapplication of HTX for a VATP license in Hong Kong underscores the complex regulatory landscape facing cryptocurrency exchanges. As the industry continues to mature and regulators tighten oversight, compliance and legitimacy will be crucial factors for the long-term sustainability and growth of cryptocurrency businesses. Investors and industry stakeholders should closely monitor developments in Hong Kong’s regulatory environment to ensure compliance and adherence to regulatory requirements.


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