The Nigerian Securities and Exchange Commission Warns Against Binance’s Illegal Operations

The Nigerian Securities and Exchange Commission Warns Against Binance’s Illegal Operations

The Nigerian Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has once again emphasized that Binance’s activities within the country are illegal. In a recent statement, the regulator specifically mentioned Binance’s official website and highlighted that the platform is neither registered nor regulated by the Commission. Despite this warning, Binance remains a prominent crypto platform in Nigeria, solidifying its position as a market leader following FTX’s collapse.

As of now, Binance has not responded to requests for comments regarding the Nigerian SEC’s warning. This lack of acknowledgement may raise concerns among users and potential investors about the exchange’s compliance and transparency.

Although facing regulatory setbacks in Europe, Binance recently obtained regulatory approval in Dubai. The exchange proudly announced that it became the first digital asset exchange to acquire an Operational Minimum Viable Product (MVP) license in the region, granting it the ability to trade there. This approval potentially opens up new opportunities for Binance, allowing it to strengthen its presence in the Middle East.

In contrast to its success in Dubai, Binance has encountered challenges in European markets due to a lack of regulatory approval. As a result, the exchange has exited numerous European countries, including the Netherlands, Cyprus, Germany, and the U.K. Binance’s spokesperson confirmed that their focus is now on aligning with the forthcoming Markets in Crypto Assets (MiCA) regulations to offer their services in Europe. This shift indicates the exchange’s commitment to regulatory compliance and its determination to regain access to these markets.

The Nigerian SEC previously declared Binance Nigeria Limited’s operations illegal and urged the public to refrain from using the platform. Binance clarified that the Nigerian financial watchdog’s mention of Binance Nigeria Limited was unrelated to CEO Changpeng ‘CZ’ Zhao emphasized that they issued a cease and desist notice to the unaffiliated entity acting as a scam. However, the recent statement from the Nigerian SEC demonstrates their continued warning against Binance’s activities, suggesting that the situation remains unresolved.

The Nigerian Securities and Exchange Commission’s reaffirmation of Binance’s illegal operations within the country is a significant development. This warning highlights the regulatory concerns surrounding the exchange’s activities and raises questions about its compliance and legitimacy. Binance’s lack of response to the Nigerian SEC’s notice may further dampen confidence in the platform. As Binance faces regulatory hurdles in some markets, its successful approval in Dubai demonstrates its potential for expansion. However, the exchange’s strategy of complying with forthcoming regulations in Europe indicates its determination to regain access to those markets. As the story unfolds, it will be crucial to monitor Binance’s actions and responses to regulatory authorities to gauge its future trajectory.


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