The Launch of Base Mainnet: Empowering Builders and Enhancing the On-Chain Experience

The Launch of Base Mainnet: Empowering Builders and Enhancing the On-Chain Experience

The team behind Base, in collaboration with Optimism, has made a major announcement – the mainnet of their Ethereum Layer 2 chain is now available for builders to deploy their products. This marks a significant milestone in the development of the Base ecosystem. In order to commemorate the early adopters of this platform, Base will release a special NFT called the “Genesis Builder”. Let’s delve deeper into the details of this launch and how it aims to empower builders and enhance the on-chain experience.

Back in February, Base launched its testnet, which served as a platform for talented builders to showcase their projects and witness their success on the network. The response was overwhelming, leading to the development of on-chain games, restaurants, communities, and advocacy initiatives. Now, with the launch of the Base mainnet, the team aims to provide even stronger support for developers by offering hands-on assistance in deploying their products within the ecosystem.

To facilitate this phase, builders can bridge ether (ETH) to Base for gas by utilizing the portal proxy contract. However, it is important to note that assets other than ETH should not be sent to the portal proxy contract. The team has also made sure that various tools such as smart wallet infrastructure, node providers, and data indexers are already live on the mainnet. These tools are designed to assist builders in their endeavors and provide a seamless experience.

The Base team proudly announced that they have successfully met all the necessary criteria for the mainnet launch. This includes demonstrating the stability of the testnet, Optimism’s successful upgrade of Bedrock, and completion of both internal and external audits. The team expressed their gratitude to the community for their patience and support throughout this process. They are excited to welcome more users onto Base, a secure, scalable, and builder-friendly platform.

Looking ahead, Base is gearing up for a public launch in early August. This is a significant step towards expanding their network and allowing more users to join the ecosystem. During the public launch, Base aims to showcase the seamless and secure experience of on-chain interactions across hundreds of products. Leveraging the expertise of the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, Base empowers users to build decentralized apps with access to a wide range of products, clients, and tools provided by the platform.

Base combines the underlying security of Ethereum with Coinbase’s industry experience to facilitate the onboarding of layer 1 and layer 2 blockchain protocols for consumers. As the ecosystem continues to grow, Base remains committed to supporting builders and providing them with a robust infrastructure to develop innovative and decentralized applications. By fostering an environment that encourages experimentation and creativity, Base is set to revolutionize the blockchain space.

The release of the Genesis Builder NFT further celebrates the early adopters who have contributed to the growth and success of the Base ecosystem. This special NFT serves as a token of appreciation for their valuable contributions. It represents the spirit of collaboration and innovation that has been the driving force behind Base. With this NFT, Base acknowledges the crucial role played by builders in shaping the ecosystem and looks forward to continued growth and success.

The launch of the Base mainnet is an important milestone for the project and its community. With various tools already available and the upcoming public launch, Base is empowering builders and offering a seamless on-chain experience to users across a multitude of products. The team behind Base, in collaboration with Optimism, is dedicated to supporting builders as they create innovative decentralized applications. Together, they are transforming the blockchain landscape and providing a platform for builders to thrive.


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