The Launch of “Age of the Dread” by Guild of Guardians

The Launch of “Age of the Dread” by Guild of Guardians

Guild of Guardians, in collaboration with Guardians Guild Limited, has announced an upcoming global launch event titled “Age of the Dread.” This event is set to introduce new gameplay elements and offer enticing rewards to players. Running from May 15 to June 9, “Age of Dread” boasts a generous prize pool of up to US$1 million in $GOG tokens, along with exclusive rewards such as Founder NFTs.

The “Age of the Dread” event represents the initial phase of Guild of Guardians’ global release. One of its main highlights is the Endless Leaderboard Challenge, where 70% of the prizes are up for grabs. Players can boost their chances of winning by participating in up to four daily runs. Additionally, the Arena & Boss Rush Challenges make up the remaining 30% of the prize pool, offering players five daily runs to climb the ranks and claim their rewards.

Participation and Rewards

Players looking to join the leaderboard challenges can do so by logging in and heading to the designated challenge area within the game. By completing runs, players can earn points and strive to rank higher on the leaderboard. While participation is free, players have the option to purchase additional runs to potentially improve their ranking and overall chances of winning prizes.

Game Director’s Statement

Chris Clay, the Game Director for Guild of Guardians, expressed excitement about the launch of “Age of the Dread.” He emphasized the significant rewards available to players, totaling over US$1 million in prizes. Clay stressed the game’s commitment to rewarding player dedication and encouraged players to showcase their skills in the leaderboard challenges.

Ascendant Seals, used to enhance Guardians and make them more powerful, as well as $GOG tokens, are key rewards within the game. These rewards can be earned through gameplay and in-app purchases. Players will receive $GOG tokens as rewards two weeks into the game, which they can use to purchase Ascendant Seals or add to their digital currency collection.

The leaderboard awards prizes based on player performance, with higher accumulation of points leading to a higher ranking and increased chances of winning prizes. Founder NFTs, exclusive digital collectibles, are created for the game’s founders and top leaderboard performers. Players can earn these NFTs by reaching specific milestones or achieving high rankings in the game.

The highly anticipated launch of Guild of Guardians’ “Age of the Dread” event, in collaboration with Guardians Guild Limited, is set to take place from May 15 to June 9. With substantial rewards such as up to US$1 million in $GOG tokens and exclusive Founder NFTs up for grabs, this event signifies the beginning of the game’s global release. Players can pre-order the game on Apple and Google Play to ensure they don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity.


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