The Journey Towards Full Decentralization: Matter Labs Partners with DappRadar for zkSync Ecosystem

The Journey Towards Full Decentralization: Matter Labs Partners with DappRadar for zkSync Ecosystem

Matter Labs, the creator of zkSync, has recently collaborated with DappRadar to launch a new ecosystem portal aimed at further decentralizing the protocol. zkSync, a layer-two blockchain for Ethereum payments, was developed by Matter Labs as a solution for scaling the Ethereum blockchain ecosystem. With over 200 projects currently using zkSync and more than 8.8 million testnet transactions served, the protocol has gained significant traction since its public mainnet launch.

The partnership with DappRadar is a crucial part of Matter Labs’ ongoing initiative to decentralize zkSync. According to a press release, Matter Labs’ ultimate vision has always been to incubate, launch, and eventually decentralize the zkSync protocol and ZK Stack. By stepping back from managing the growing ecosystem, the company aims to gradually subtract itself from the technology’s development and the stewardship of the ecosystem. This aligns with the ideals of the zkSync community as outlined in the zkSync credo, a document that emphasizes trustlessness and sovereignty.

With DappRadar’s involvement, the zkSync ecosystem portal is expected to provide greater visibility to listed decentralized applications (dapps). This increased visibility is anticipated to attract more users and create opportunities for significant press coverage from major media outlets. By leveraging DappRadar’s platform, Matter Labs aims to facilitate the growth and exposure of projects within the zkSync ecosystem.

Matter Labs emphasizes that the relinquishment of control over the zkSync ecosystem is only the beginning of their plans for full decentralization. The press release suggests that the protocol’s technology, community governance, and other critical aspects of the network will be further decentralized in the future. This commitment reinforces Matter Labs’ dedication to creating a truly decentralized and resilient ecosystem for zkSync.

The partnership between Matter Labs and DappRadar marks an important milestone in the journey towards the full decentralization of the zkSync protocol. By collaborating with DappRadar, Matter Labs aims to strengthen the zkSync ecosystem by promoting visibility and fostering media coverage. As they continue to decentralize various aspects of the protocol, Matter Labs remains steadfast in their commitment to ensuring trustlessness, sovereignty, and the long-term success of zkSync.


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