The Journey from New York to Alaska: A Crypto Trader’s Quest

The Journey from New York to Alaska: A Crypto Trader’s Quest

A crypto trader and educator, Thomas Kralow, recently embarked on an audacious journey across the United States. His goal was to travel from New York to Alaska, relying solely on cryptocurrency trading to fund his adventure. With an initial budget of $5,000, Kralow set off on this daring expedition alongside his assistant Ilya. Equipped with a used Mercedes and a Starlink antenna for fast internet connection, they embarked on their journey with just $2,500 to trade their way to Alaska.

Regrettably, Kralow’s expedition was cut short approximately 900 miles before reaching his final destination. The worn-out vehicle succumbed to a permanent halt in Seattle, a mere 12 days after their departure from New York. In an exclusive interview with Cointelegraph, Kralow revealed some of the untold details of their tumultuous trip. The journey was fraught with peril, including lightning storms, wildfires, car troubles, theft, and navigating unfamiliar terrains on a tight budget. However, the most significant challenge they encountered was the trading itself.

During their journey, Kralow and his assistant had to contend with the pressure of earning a daily profit to sustain their expenses, amounting to approximately $300 per day. With only $2,500 as their initial trading deposit, they faced the daunting task of generating a daily return of 12% to 14%. This risky endeavor was akin to financial suicide, and Kralow openly acknowledged the potential consequence of blowing their trading account.

Nevertheless, Kralow maintained that the magnitude of the challenge did not deter him. While growing his social media following played a role in his motivation, he was primarily focused on conveying two essential messages to his viewers: happiness and Bitcoin. In his video series documenting the journey, Kralow aimed to emphasize the importance of leading a fulfilled and grateful life while imparting knowledge about Bitcoin and blockchain.

Despite his extravagant lifestyle showcased on social media, Kralow described the journey as a humbling experience. It allowed him to reconnect with his modest upbringing and recall his roots in a far-from-wealthy household. The goal was to ground himself and relish the simplicity of life once more.

One unexpected revelation during the expedition was encountering individuals with a surprising level of crypto literacy in seemingly unlikely places. Kralow recalled a conversation with a welder in Louisiana, who displayed a deep understanding of Bitcoin while performing his blue-collar work. This stood in contrast to his experiences in more technologically advanced regions like Silicon Valley, where he encountered individuals lacking knowledge about cryptocurrencies. Kralow was taken aback by one encounter with a well-dressed person who had no awareness of Bitcoin, questioning, “What even is Bitcoin?”

After completing this extraordinary journey, Kralow’s next endeavor is to submit a request to the Guinness Book of World Records. His goal is to commemorate his remarkable feat and perhaps inspire others to embark on their unique expeditions fueled by their passions.

Thomas Kralow’s daring attempt to trade his way across the United States from New York to Alaska may have ended prematurely, but his journey was filled with valuable experiences and unexpected encounters. Despite the challenges faced along the way, Kralow remained committed to spreading joy and knowledge about Bitcoin, bridging the divide between different parts of society and geographical locations. This journey serves as a testament to the determination and resilience of cryptocurrency enthusiasts pushing the boundaries of what is possible.


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