The Impact of Nissan’s Virtual Metaverse Experience: An Analysis

The Impact of Nissan’s Virtual Metaverse Experience: An Analysis

Nissan Motor Co. has recently made a bold move into the virtual world with the launch of their new metaverse experience titled ‘Heritage Cars & Safe Drive Studio’ on March 7th. This innovative project is a celebration of Nissan’s 90th anniversary and a testament to the company’s dedication to both its heritage and the significance of safety. By delving into the virtual realm, Nissan aims to provide users with a one-of-a-kind and immersive experience that not only showcases three iconic cars but also emphasizes the importance of safe driving practices.

The initial exhibition within ‘Heritage Cars & Safe Drive Studio’ focuses on the Silvia Q S13, a renowned drift car from Nissan. This virtual environment not only allows users to admire the intricate details of the vehicle but also educates them on how the color of pedestrian clothing can impact a driver’s perception on the road. This unique perspective serves as a reminder of the criticality of staying attentive and vigilant while behind the wheel, even in a simulated setting.

Moving on to the second exhibition, users are transported to a virtual world that highlights the iconic Skyline 2000GTX-E. This particular car holds a special place in Nissan’s history, not only due to its significance in tuning culture but also because of its appearances in popular video games and movies such as the Gran Turismo series and the Fast and Furious franchise. Along with exploring the car, users can engage in a mini-game that sheds light on the dangers of multitasking while driving and encourages safe driving behaviors.

The third exhibition takes users on a journey back to the 1950s-1960s era, immersing them in an American diner and drive-in theater setting. This nostalgic environment offers users the chance to practice steering wheel controls, stressing the importance of being well-versed in your vehicle’s functions and being able to maneuver them effectively. The collaboration between Nissan and Japanese university researchers that led to the creation of this metaverse experience not only adds credibility but also underscores Nissan’s commitment to innovating and pushing boundaries in the automotive sector.

Nissan’s ‘Heritage Cars & Safe Drive Studio’ is easily accessible through the Meta Quest headset, ensuring that users can experience it with convenience. This user-friendly approach enhances the inclusivity of the project, making it reachable to a broader audience. This venture into the virtual world is not Nissan’s first, as in 2022, the company introduced its first virtual test drive, allowing users to test-drive a Nissan car from the comfort of their homes. In December 2023, the renewal of four existing metaverse worlds further solidified Nissan’s presence in the virtual domain, showcasing their innovative spirit and commitment to progress in the automotive industry.

Nissan’s foray into the virtual world with ‘Heritage Cars & Safe Drive Studio’ highlights their prowess as innovators in the automotive sector. This immersive and educational metaverse experience not only serves as a tribute to their rich history but also as a platform to advocate for safety on the roads. Nissan’s dedication to blending virtual technology with research and education demonstrates their forward-thinking approach and commitment to excellence.


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