The Game-Changing Partnership Between Endless Clouds and Immutable

The Game-Changing Partnership Between Endless Clouds and Immutable

In a groundbreaking collaboration, renowned game studio, Endless Clouds, has joined forces with Immutable to launch its highly anticipated games, Treeverse and Capsule Heroes, on Immutable’s zkEVM blockchain. This partnership marks the convergence of two industry powerhouses and has garnered considerable attention within the gaming community. With an immersive MMORPG and an intense player-versus-player (PVP) brawler-style game, Endless Clouds pushes the boundaries of gaming by incorporating Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to bring player ownership and unique experiences to the forefront.

Treeverse sets itself apart from traditional MMORPGs by emphasizing player ownership through in-game NFT assets. Players delve into a vast virtual world, engaging in quests and battles with other players, all while building their own collection of NFTs. These digital assets range from characters to virtual land plots, creating an exciting and diverse gaming experience. The integration of NFTs adds a new dimension to gameplay, allowing players to truly immerse themselves in the virtual universe of Treeverse.

Capsule Heroes takes PVP battles to new heights by incorporating NFTs and ensuring player ownership remains at the core. Gamers can collect and trade virtual characters, each possessing unique abilities, to engage in intense battles. The introduction of NFTs adds depth and strategy to the game, providing players with an array of options for customization and personalization. Capsule Heroes promises adrenaline-pumping gameplay that will keep players hooked for hours on end.

To build excitement and provide players with a sneak peek into the games, both Treeverse and Capsule Heroes will offer alpha and beta early access launches. This gives players the opportunity to not only experience the games before their official release but also provide valuable feedback to further enhance gameplay and overall user experience. The collaboration with Immutable ensures seamless integration and support for these early access launches.

Endless Clouds understands the importance of security and user experience within the gaming world. By integrating with Immutable Passport, the company’s single sign-on crypto wallet, both Treeverse and Capsule Heroes offer seamless and secure transactions using popular cryptocurrencies. This innovative feature allows players to make in-game purchases and engage in trading with ease, providing a seamless gaming experience.

Choosing Immutable’s zkEVM for Blockchain Needs

Both Endless Clouds and Immutable prioritize security, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. The decision to utilize Immutable’s zkEVM technology for blockchain needs was driven by factors such as the added layer of protection against hacks or attacks, the low fees, and the scalability it offers. This collaboration ensures a robust and secure infrastructure for hosting large-scale games with a high volume of transactions.

Loopify Token and Endless Potential

In addition to NFTs being an integral part of gameplay, Endless Clouds plans to launch a token through its platform, Loopify. This token will introduce various use cases within the games, giving players more opportunities to engage with and benefit from NFTs. By leveraging the power of blockchain and NFTs, Endless Clouds aims to create an ecosystem that enriches the gaming experience and rewards players for their continued engagement.

A Win-Win Partnership

The collaboration between Endless Clouds and Immutable can be best described as a win-win situation. While Endless Clouds brings its exceptional gaming expertise and application, Immutable offers its industry-leading blockchain infrastructure and support services. This partnership elevates the capabilities of both companies, delivering an unparalleled gaming experience to players. Notable gaming and venture capital firms, including Animoca Brands, Skyvision Capital, and Momentum 6, have already taken notice of Endless Clouds’ games and the integration of blockchain technology, further highlighting the potential and excitement surrounding this collaboration.

Blockchain’s Growing Influence in the Gaming Industry

Endless Clouds’ achievement of nearly $100 million in trading volume through its NFT collections is a testament to the immense potential NFTs hold within the gaming industry. The partnership with Immutable exemplifies the growing influence of blockchain technology within the gaming community. Together, these companies are poised to revolutionize the way we play and engage with games, leveraging the unique capabilities offered by NFTs to create entirely new gaming experiences.

The collaboration between Endless Clouds and Immutable represents a significant milestone in the realm of gaming. By combining their respective strengths, these companies are set to redefine player ownership and unlock the untapped potential of NFTs within the gaming industry. The launch of Treeverse and Capsule Heroes on Immutable’s zkEVM blockchain marks a new era in gaming, promising immersive experiences, secure transactions, and endless possibilities for players to explore and engage with their favorite games.


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