The Future of MetalCore: A Game-Changing Title in the World of Gaming

The Future of MetalCore: A Game-Changing Title in the World of Gaming

MetalCore, the open-world PvP mech combat game developed by Studio369, has recently received a substantial investment of $5 million. This financial boost will enable Studio369 to further advance and enrich MetalCore, introducing a new level of thrill and immersion to the gaming community. After three years of development, MetalCore recently concluded an exclusive closed beta testing phase, with plans to launch an open beta test in the coming months. This testing period has allowed the development team to refine the game, ensuring a seamless experience for players. Matt Candler, the CEO of Studio369, expressed his enthusiasm and appreciation for the ongoing support for MetalCore. He mentioned, “The additional funding will greatly enhance our capacity to develop MetalCore and make it accessible to players worldwide. We are dedicated to delivering an immersive gaming experience that will captivate players for hours on end.”

Award-Winning and Industry-Recognized

MetalCore has previously secured significant funding in late 2021, receiving $15 million and winning the GAM3 Award for Best Shooter Game. These accomplishments not only demonstrate recognition from the industry but also affirm MetalCore’s potential as a game-changer in the gaming landscape. Described as an open-world combined arms adventure set in vast battlefields, MetalCore features factions vying for territorial dominance. Players can engage in crafting and trading vehicles and equipment, recruiting pilots, developing land, and participating in activities focused on planetary conquest. One of the highlights of MetalCore is its dynamic AI-driven mission system, generating unique missions, objectives, and tasks for endless replayability. Players can anticipate challenging combat against AI-powered foes on foot and in vehicles, including massive mechs. The game offers customizable load-outs and exclusive variants to enhance gameplay, while a scanning system allows players to acquire Vehicle Blueprints from defeated enemies to create new weapons and vehicles. These assets can be converted into Web3 assets and traded on the marketplace, showcasing the seamless integration of gaming with Web3 technology.

Behind the Scenes: Studio369’s Skilled Team

Backing MetalCore is Studio369, comprising industry veterans with extensive experience at major gaming companies and involvement in iconic games and franchises. Their commitment to delivering an immersive and inventive gaming experience is apparent in MetalCore, and with the additional funding, players can anticipate even more thrilling updates and features in the future. MetalCore guarantees to be a groundbreaking game that will challenge traditional gaming norms. With its blend of top-notch gameplay, real asset ownership, and Web3 integration, MetalCore is positioned to become a must-play for gamers globally.


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