The Future of Footwear: Nike and RTFKT Collaborate on Sneaker Collection

The Future of Footwear: Nike and RTFKT Collaborate on Sneaker Collection

Nike has recently announced an exciting collaboration with digital fashion brand RTFKT, unveiling their latest collection of sneakers, the RTFKT Dunk Genesis. Breaking away from their previous models, these sneakers can be acquired without the need for a corresponding RTFKT non-fungible token (NFT). This collaboration introduces two unique editions of sneakers, the Nike x RTFKT Dunk Ghost Edition and Dunk VOID Edition, both priced at $222.

The RTFKT Dunk Genesis collection continues the tradition of futuristic design that RTFKT is known for. These sneakers boast innovative features such as a detachable “Vial Clip Tongue” and a “Modular Heel Shield,” allowing for personalization and customization. The attention to detail in the design is remarkable and showcases the creativity of both Nike and RTFKT.

In addition to the sneakers, an associated t-shirt is available for purchase. The t-shirt prominently displays both brand logos and carries the catchy phrase, “Oops, You Stepped Into the Future.” This collaboration between Nike and RTFKT goes beyond just the sneakers, offering fans the opportunity to embrace their futuristic style through clothing as well.

One of the most significant advancements in this collection is the integration of a new technology – the RTFKT World Merging chip. This NFC chip enables owners to link their physical shoes to a digital asset and obtain a related digital collectible. By leveraging this technology, Nike and RTFKT are exploring the convergence of physical and digital experiences in the world of footwear.

Both editions of the Dunk Genesis collection have projected ship dates, with the VOID Edition expected to be shipped by July 31, 2024, and the Ghost Edition by August 31, 2024. These timelines offer customers an idea of when they can expect to receive their highly anticipated sneakers and embrace the future of footwear.

While the specifics of the blockchain used for minting the NFTs generated with these sneakers remain undisclosed, it is worth noting that both RTFKT and Nike have a history of utilizing Ethereum and Polygon, respectively. This ambiguity presents an opportunity for speculation and adds to the intrigue surrounding this collaboration, leaving fans curious about the underlying technology.

This collaboration between Nike and RTFKT is not their first venture together. In the past, the duo released the RTFKT x Nike Air Force 1 sneakers and the CryptoKicks sneakers in 2022. However, what sets this latest collaboration apart is the fact that it does not require the purchase of an NFT. This shift opens up the opportunity for more sneaker enthusiasts to participate in this exciting collaboration.

RTFKT’s renowned Clone X NFT profile picture (PFP) collection has cemented its position as a valuable player in the NFT market. This reputation adds to the appeal of the Nike x RTFKT Dunk Genesis offering, blending technological innovation with cutting-edge fashion. With this collaboration, Nike takes a significant step into the future of footwear, embracing the convergence of technology and fashion.

The Nike x RTFKT Dunk Genesis collection represents a groundbreaking collaboration that redefines the future of footwear. By discarding the need for an NFT, Nike and RTFKT have made this unique collection more accessible to a wider audience. With its futuristic design, digital integration, and exciting features, this collaboration sets the stage for an innovative and immersive sneaker experience. Sneaker enthusiasts and fashion lovers alike eagerly anticipate the release of the Dunk Genesis collection, eagerly stepping into the future of footwear.


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