The Future of Crypto Communication: OpenChat’s Communities Feature

The Future of Crypto Communication: OpenChat’s Communities Feature

OpenChat, a blockchain-based chat app powered by the Internet Computer (ICP) network, has recently introduced a groundbreaking feature called “Communities.” This latest addition aims to transform the way users interact and create groups within the app. While OpenChat was initially used by crypto enthusiasts for instant messaging, users began expressing a desire for the formation of public groups and communities. Recognizing this shifting preference, the development team acknowledged that OpenChat lacked a hierarchical system found in platforms like Discord and Slack. This limitation hindered the effectiveness of group interactions, resulting in the introduction of the Communities feature.

A New Level of Organization and Focus

The implementation of Communities now allows admins on OpenChat to create groups within these communities, enabling better organization and more focused discussions. This feature is akin to Discord’s channels within servers, providing a similar level of structure and enhanced usability. Furthermore, OpenChat’s Communities can be made private, granting admins the power to control access and create exclusive spaces for select members, mirroring the functionality of Slack groups. This enhanced organization and focus allow for more efficient communication within the app.

Integrations for Enhanced User Experiences

OpenChat’s co-founder, Julian Jeffs, recently shared plans with Cointelegraph for further enhancing user experiences through integrations. The Communities feature will eventually enable crypto protocols and other web applications to build communities directly from their websites. This eliminates the need for users to download external platforms like Discord or Telegram. By streamlining the process, OpenChat not only offers convenience but also fosters seamless integration between different applications within the Web3 ecosystem.

The OpenChat team is currently experimenting with various design concepts for the future “Communities integration” system. One approach involves establishing “server-to-server synchronization” between OpenChat and each project, while another option is to provide a set of front-end components that can be easily integrated into existing interfaces. These innovations will enable users of Web3 protocols to actively participate in discussions, seek technical assistance, and connect with other users, all without navigating away from their preferred applications or websites. This integration serves as a testament to OpenChat’s commitment to creating a seamless user experience.

Safeguarding Crypto Communication

Discord and Telegram hold the position of being the most widely used messaging platforms in the crypto community. However, these Web2 platforms lack the ability to post messages using Web3 identities, which can potentially expose users to scams and fraudulent activities. OpenChat, along with and Coinbase Wallet’s messaging feature, aims to address this issue by incorporating Web3 identities into their platforms. By doing so, users can communicate with confidence, knowing that they are interacting with verified individuals in the crypto space. This move towards enhanced security and user protection is a significant step forward for the crypto community.

The introduction of OpenChat’s Communities feature stands as a significant leap towards improving user engagement and facilitating seamless integrations within the Web3 ecosystem. With its innovative approach, OpenChat is poised to revolutionize the way crypto enthusiasts communicate, collaborate, and build communities in the ever-evolving digital landscape. As the platform continues to evolve, the future of crypto communication holds even more promising possibilities. OpenChat’s commitment to integrating Web3 identities and creating an intuitive hierarchy-based system sets a new standard for the industry, ensuring safer, more efficient, and more vibrant interactions among users.


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