The Founder of LHV Bank Lost Access to $470 Million Worth of ETH

The Founder of LHV Bank Lost Access to $470 Million Worth of ETH

The founder of LHV Bank, Rain Lõhmus, finds himself in a rather unfortunate situation. He is the owner of a massive 250,000 Ether (ETH) stash, purchased during the Ethereum ICO, which is now worth an astounding $470 million. However, there’s just one problem – he no longer has access to it.

In a recent interview, Conor Grogan, a Coinbase director, brought attention to Lõhmus’ predicament. Grogan shared an excerpt from an October 31st ERR News report, which featured Lõhmus’ comments during an earlier Vikerraadio interview. In this interview, Lõhmus openly admitted that he owned a wallet containing 250,000 ETH but had lost the password and hadn’t made much effort to recover it.

Grogan added an interesting twist to the story by stating that Lõhmus was willing to split the funds with anyone who could help him recover the lost keys. This created a unique opportunity for individuals who possess the skill to retrieve the password and access the trapped ETH. However, the challenge remains daunting, as the amount at stake is worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Lõhmus ruefully shared that losing passwords was a common occurrence for him. This unfortunate habit of forgetfulness has led to the loss of access to a significant amount of funds. He further acknowledged that this vulnerability is a weak point of blockchain systems, emphasizing the importance of securely managing private keys in the digital asset space.

It is worth noting that Lõhmus initially purchased the Ether for a mere $75,000 during the ICO, when its price stood at around 30 cents. Since then, the value of his investment has skyrocketed. At Ether’s peak price on November 10th, 2021, of nearly $4,900 per coin, Lõhmus’ stash would have been worth an incredible $1.22 billion. Even today, with Ether’s price fluctuating, Lõhmus’ wallet still boasts a remarkable 628,757% gain.

To compound the situation, Lõhmus’ wallet has also received airdrops worth $6.5 million, as reported by Grogan back in February. These airdrops only serve as a reminder of the wealth that Lõhmus cannot access due to the password dilemma.

Rain Lõhmus’ unfortunate loss serves as a critical lesson for all individuals involved in the cryptocurrency space. It highlights the crucial necessity of securely managing private keys and taking precautions to avoid the loss of access to funds. The staggering value of Lõhmus’ lost ETH serves as a stark reminder of the potential consequences of neglecting proper digital asset security.

Rain Lõhmus, the founder of LHV Bank, finds himself in a regrettable situation, owning $470 million worth of ETH but lacking the password to access it. This predicament serves as a stark reminder of the importance of robust security measures and responsible management of digital assets in the cryptocurrency industry.


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