The Expansion of DappRadar: Incorporating Oasys Dapps for Enhanced Exposure

The Expansion of DappRadar: Incorporating Oasys Dapps for Enhanced Exposure

DappRadar, a prominent platform in the blockchain industry, has recently broadened its scope by integrating games and decentralized applications (dapps) from the Oasys blockchain. This integration allows users to explore and monitor a wide range of Oasys dapps, enhancing their visibility within the blockchain community. Since its establishment in 2018, DappRadar has gained credibility as a reliable source of insights into dapps. With this new development, visitors can now access Oasys dapps through DappRadar’s Rankings feature and gain deeper insights into individual games and applications via project pages. This integration not only provides a platform for users to engage with new games and dapps but also offers Web3 metrics and serves as an entry point for newcomers to the Oasys chain.

Expanding the Oasys Ecosystem

The Oasys ecosystem encompasses a diverse array of gaming projects that have now been integrated into DappRadar’s rankings. From popular quiz games like OasChoice to RPGs with Game-Fi elements like Chain Colosseum Phoenix and idle RPG crossover games like Chain Arena, Oasys offers a wide variety of innovative gaming experiences. Moreover, Oasys showcases its versatility through applications such as GOGA, a web3 education protocol, and SingSing, a karaoke app. These five games have already secured positions in the top 30 of the Games category, indicating their popularity among users. Notably, Chain Colosseum Phoenix and OasChoice have even achieved rankings within the top 10. This success highlights the appeal and quality of the games within the Oasys ecosystem.

Oasys is a blockchain specifically designed for gaming, aiming to set a new standard in Web3 gaming and provide players with real value. To achieve this goal, Oasys has formed partnerships with renowned gaming industry leaders such as SEGA, Nexon, Square Enix, Ubisoft, and Netmarble. By collaborating with these influential companies, Oasys ensures the integration of their expertise and resources into the platform. This strategic approach positions Oasys as a reliable and high-quality gaming blockchain.

One of the key features of Oasys is its dual-layer system, comprising the Hub Layer and the Verse Layer. The Hub Layer focuses on network stability and scalability, while the Verse Layer offers customization and flexibility. This technical structure enables the creation and operation of diverse dapps, allowing for tailored project environments. DappRadar will initially track seven Verse Layers filled with exciting games and applications within the Oasys ecosystem.

Developers within the Oasys ecosystem can also take advantage of the integration with DappRadar. They have the opportunity to submit their ongoing and future dapp projects to DappRadar at no cost. This submission process allows developers to tap into DappRadar’s extensive distribution network, expanding their user audience and enhancing the overall exposure of their dapps. This collaboration between developers and DappRadar contributes to the growth and promotion of the diverse Oasys blockchain environment.

Promoting Oasys in the Global Blockchain Gaming Sector

The inclusion of Oasys dapps on DappRadar signifies a significant milestone in promoting the Oasys blockchain’s versatility and potential within the global blockchain gaming sector. With the expanded exposure provided by DappRadar, Oasys is poised to become a more prominent player in the gaming industry. As users discover and engage with the unique experiences offered by Oasys dapps, the platform’s user base is expected to grow. This increased visibility and recognition will further solidify Oasys’ position as an influential and innovative blockchain in the gaming community.

The integration of Oasys dapps into DappRadar’s listings marks a significant expansion for both platforms. By offering users the opportunity to explore various Oasys dapps, DappRadar enhances the exposure of the Oasys ecosystem within the blockchain community. This collaboration allows gamers and blockchain enthusiasts to discover and engage with a wide range of gaming projects and applications while benefiting from DappRadar’s user-friendly interface and Web3 metrics. As Oasys continues to forge partnerships and expand its offerings, its inclusion on DappRadar will undoubtedly contribute to its growth and influence in the global blockchain gaming sector.


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