The Exciting New Features of Citizen Conflict Alpha 5

The Exciting New Features of Citizen Conflict Alpha 5

Citizen Conflict Alpha 5, developed by QORPO Game Studio, has recently released an update that introduces a thrilling play-to-earn campaign. This new feature allows players to earn up to 300,000 QORPO tokens while playing the game. These tokens hold real-world value and can be utilized to purchase in-game items or even exchanged for cash. The introduction of the play-to-earn feature adds a layer of excitement and motivation for players to engage more actively in the game.

One of the major updates in Citizen Conflict Alpha 5 is the revamped leaderboards that now offer prizes across various categories such as quests, killstreaks, and weapon usage. Players can now compete for top rankings based solely on gaming performance, without the need for additional purchases or social media engagement. This ensures fairness and encourages all players to enhance their skills and strive for excellence in the game.

For players looking to enhance their gaming experience, Citizen Conflict Alpha 5 now includes the Battle Pass. By purchasing the Battle Pass, players can earn a 20% bonus to gameplay points, making it easier for them to progress through the game and unlock new items. Additionally, players have the opportunity to win $500 USDT weekly during the alpha phase by sharing gameplay moments on X, adding an extra incentive for players to participate actively.

Among the many updates in Citizen Conflict Alpha 5 is the introduction of a new character class called the Brutalizer. This class brings unique abilities such as Adrenaline Rush and Phase Shift, adding diversity and strategy to the gameplay. Along with the new character class, a new 1v1 map named Depo, reworked existing maps, and spawn point protection have been added, making the gameplay more dynamic and challenging.

Citizen Conflict Alpha 5 also includes the ability for players to earn and open loot boxes in-game, providing more opportunities to obtain rare items. Communication within squads has been enhanced with the addition of a squad lobby, making it easier for players to coordinate and strategize. Dynamic in-game events have also been introduced to keep the gameplay fresh and exciting for players.

In addition to the new features, Citizen Conflict Alpha 5 brings significant rebalancing and tweaks to existing classes and weapons. These adjustments ensure a fair and enjoyable experience for all players. Technical and usability improvements have also been made to optimize the game’s performance and provide a smooth gaming experience.

The latest update of Citizen Conflict Alpha 5 by QORPO Game Studio offers an array of exciting new features and improvements that provide more incentives for players to engage actively in the game. The introduction of the play-to-earn campaign, revamped leaderboards, new character class, and various gameplay enhancements make this update a must-play for both new and existing players.


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