The Evolution of Fundraising: Magic Launchpad by Magic Square

The Evolution of Fundraising: Magic Launchpad by Magic Square

Magic Square has introduced a revolutionary platform called Magic Launchpad, which aims to revolutionize the way early-stage projects raise funds. With a staggering 4.5 million unique user wallets and over 1400 registered projects, Magic Square’s community-driven platform is poised to offer a comprehensive solution for growth hacking, brand awareness, user acquisition, and fundraising in the crypto space.

Magic Launchpad, as a multi-chain platform deeply integrated into Magic Square’s ecosystem, offers a wide array of IDO options to cater to various investor preferences. From whitelist events to private rounds, Magic Launchpad ensures that investors have ample opportunities to participate in project launches. One standout feature of the platform is the ability for users to stake $SQR tokens and earn SQRp points, which play a crucial role in determining their allocation sizes in specific project launches.

Furthermore, the Road-to-IDO campaign allows users to interact with projects before their official IDO launch and earn token rewards in the process. The inaugural project to launch an IDO on Magic Launchpad is Storm Trade, a perpetual DEX running on the TON blockchain. Backed by Ton Ventures, Storm Trade offers lucrative liquidity pools, social-fi elements, and a user-friendly interface with robust security measures in place.

Andrey Nayman, the Founder and CEO of Magic Square, highlights the platform’s pivotal role in reshaping fundraising for early-stage projects. Magic Launchpad ensures that projects of all sizes and development stages have equal opportunities, thanks to its fair and rigorous application process. Leveraging its strong community infrastructure, Magic Square is well-equipped to drive user acquisition and engagement for projects participating on the platform.

In the dynamic realm of cryptocurrency, launching a successful project can be an uphill battle. Magic Launchpad emerges as a comprehensive solution for early-stage projects, offering flexibility and diversity for both investors and projects alike. The platform fosters an ecosystem where all parties can reap the benefits, creating a symbiotic relationship that propels innovation and growth in the crypto space.

The introduction of Magic Launchpad signifies yet another milestone for Magic Square as it pushes the boundaries of innovation in the world of Web3 and cryptocurrency. By providing a platform that not only facilitates fundraising but also fosters community engagement and growth, Magic Square is paving the way for a new era of decentralized fundraising in the crypto landscape.


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