The Evolution of Blockchain Games on the Epic Games Store

The Evolution of Blockchain Games on the Epic Games Store

The gaming marketplace continues to witness the increasing popularity of blockchain games. As a major player in this industry, the Epic Games Store has recently made a notable policy change in order to accommodate these unique games. Since its establishment in December 2018, the Epic Games Store has gained recognition for its Unreal Engine and the widely beloved game, Fortnite. It offers a digital distribution service for PC and macOS, featuring a wide range of games, software, and digital content. While the store previously imposed strict restrictions on games rated “Adults Only” (AO) by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB), it has now made an exception for blockchain games classified as AO due to their utilization of blockchain technology.

According to the Epic Games Store, the exception for blockchain games with AO ratings is granted solely because of their use of blockchain or NFT technology. However, these games must still adhere to the store’s Blockchain Technology Guidelines. This policy update comes as a response to the removal of blockchain games such as “Gods Unchained” and “Striker Manager 3” from the store, as they were previously excluded due to their AO ratings. The Epic Games Store’s evolving approach to these games highlights its recognition of the growing importance of blockchain technology in the gaming industry.

Guidelines for Blockchain Games

Despite embracing blockchain games, the Epic Games Store remains steadfast in its stance against gambling, pornography, and hateful content. These guidelines are applicable to all game developers and are meant to ensure the overall integrity and responsibility of the gaming platform. Specific guidelines have been introduced for blockchain games, outlining various restrictions and requirements for publishers seeking to feature their games on the store.

Restrictions Imposed

Paid offers involving blockchain technology are strictly prohibited on the Epic Games Store. Additionally, blockchain games cannot utilize the store’s payment mechanism, and any links to blockchain, NFT, or cryptocurrency marketplaces are not allowed on store pages. Furthermore, these games cannot be made available to users in China and South Korea, and they must not facilitate gambling using traditional or digital currency. The store reserves the right to remove any products that leverage blockchain technology if they have a negative impact on players or the market.

The updated policy by the Epic Games Store reflects the growing acceptance and recognition of blockchain games and their unique characteristics. By adjusting its guidelines, the store demonstrates an acknowledgment of the increasing influence and potential of blockchain technology in the digital gaming sector. However, it remains committed to maintaining its important stance on AO content, ensuring a responsible and enjoyable gaming experience for all players.

The Epic Games Store’s decision to embrace blockchain games marks a significant shift in its policies. This evolution highlights the recognition of the impact and potential of blockchain technology in the gaming industry. While maintaining its commitments to responsible gaming, the store is actively adapting to the changing landscape, ensuring that blockchain games have a place on their platform.


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