The Downfall of Colin Murphy: A Lesson in Contempt of Court

The Downfall of Colin Murphy: A Lesson in Contempt of Court

Colin Murphy, an associate of the notorious “Crypto King” Aiden Pleterski, found himself at the heart of a legal battle that ultimately led to his downfall. His story serves as a cautionary tale for those who underestimate the consequences of their actions. This article delves into the details of Murphy’s contempt of court case, shedding light on the events that led to his imprisonment and the factors that contributed to his sentence.

The Contempt of Court

Colin Murphy was recently sentenced to 5 months in prison for contempt of court by Ontario Superior Court Justice Hugh O’Connell. The contemptuous behavior stemmed from his refusal to surrender his iPhone and his deliberate deletion of its data when a search warrant was executed against him. O’Connell, while delivering the sentence, made it clear that Murphy was solely responsible for putting himself behind bars. The judge emphasized the need for a wake-up call, indicating the gravity of Murphy’s actions.

The Investor’s Loss

In February 2023, Murphy faced a lawsuit from an investor seeking to recover $120,000. The investor had entrusted Murphy with his life savings, with the expectation that the funds would be invested in Pleterski’s crypto trading business. However, when the investor requested the returns on his investments, Murphy became unresponsive. WhatsApp messages included in a court affidavit highlighted the investor’s desperate attempts to contact Murphy, further underlining the severity of the situation.

Judge O’Connell issued a default judgment against Murphy in November, focusing on charges of fraud and breach of fiduciary duty. This default judgment compelled Murphy to liquidate $120,000 worth of assets, which included a 2017 Porsche 9TS, a 2020 Ford F250, and various firearms. Murphy claimed that he didn’t possess the necessary funds to repay the investor; however, Pleterski contradicted these assertions in messages shared within the affidavit. Pleterski revealed that Murphy had significant assets that he could have liquidated but chose not to do so.

Much like Pleterski, Murphy was known for flaunting a lavish lifestyle on social media. He showcased his extravagant sports cars and material possessions, giving the impression of success and wealth. While an auction to sell Murphy’s vehicles is scheduled for later this month, he has failed to comply with the court’s order to surrender his firearms. Judge O’Connell considered this non-compliance as an aggravating factor, further contributing to Murphy’s sentence.

Pleterski, the central figure in Canada’s infamous fraud saga, owes a staggering $40 million to over 160 investors. These investors entrusted their money to Pleterski for crypto investing, only to find themselves deceived and left empty-handed. A bankruptcy investigation revealed that less than 2% of the funds were actually invested, while a shocking $16 million was spent on Pleterski’s personal luxuries, such as private jets, vacations, and luxury cars. To date, only $3 million of the defrauded funds has been recovered.

Colin Murphy’s journey from a close associate of Aiden Pleterski to an imprisoned individual serves as a stark reminder of the consequences of contempt of court. His actions and lack of cooperation not only landed him behind bars but also highlighted the extent of his wrongdoings. The case of Murphy reinforces the importance of upholding the law and respecting court orders, lest one finds themselves facing similar consequences. Let this be a lesson to all those tempted to take shortcuts or disregard the legal system – justice will prevail in the end.


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