The Decline of Crypto Venture Capital Funding in 2023

The Decline of Crypto Venture Capital Funding in 2023

In 2023, cryptocurrency investments experienced a notable transformation as crypto venture capital (VC) funding saw a significant decline of 68%. The total investment dropped from $33.3 billion in 2022 to $10.7 billion. However, despite this decrease, 2023 remains the third-highest year in terms of total crypto investments, surpassing the figures seen during the previous bear markets of 2019 and 2020.

Most of the investments took place in the first half of the year, with a noticeable dip in the second half. However, there was a slight uptick in November, providing a glimmer of hope for a potential revival of investor interest. This shift in investment stages was another standout feature of 2023. Startups in the pre-seed, seed, and Series A stages received a greater share of deals, while mid and later-stage startup funding dwindled. This reflects a strategic shift towards nurturing new and emerging ventures in the crypto space.

Within the crypto industry, sectors such as NFT/gaming, infrastructure, and Web3 led in terms of deal count. These sectors captured the attention of investors, attracting a significant number of deals. On the other hand, sectors like data analytics, trading platforms, and enterprise solutions saw reduced investment deals in 2023.

Despite the total investment in 2023 being notably lower than the peak of 2022, it still exceeded the $6.4 billion seen during the bear market of 2019-2020. This signifies a maturing market that, despite encountering challenges, continues to attract significant investments.

In 2023, the number of crypto VC deals declined by 32%, with 1,819 deals compared to 2,671 in 2022. However, the deal count remained consistently higher than the monthly deals recorded in 2020 and was close to the number in 2021. The decline in funding can largely be attributed to the macroeconomic environment, regulatory uncertainty, and the aftermath of major crypto failures.

Abhishek Saxena, principal lead at Polygon Ventures, commented on the significant drop in funding, stating that it was largely expected given the circumstances. He described this decline as a “funding winter” that served as a healthy correction, allowing the industry to refocus on critical priorities.

Overall, the investment landscape in crypto during 2023 reflects a broader trend of cautious optimism and strategic reorientation. Investors are placing greater emphasis on early-stage startups, indicating their belief in the long-term potential of blockchain and crypto technologies despite short-term challenges and market corrections.

Looking ahead, venture capitalists in the cryptocurrency sector anticipate increased investments and transactions in 2024. This expectation aligns with recent price changes and the anticipated upward trends in the cryptocurrency markets. As the market continues to mature, it is likely that venture capital funding will play a crucial role in supporting new and innovative ventures within the crypto industry.


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