The Cup and Handle Pattern in Bitcoin: A Potential Rally to $75,000?

The Cup and Handle Pattern in Bitcoin: A Potential Rally to $75,000?

The Chief Investment Officer at Build Asset Management, Matt Dines, has recently identified a classical “Cup and Handle” pattern in the Bitcoin (BTC) price chart. This technical formation is viewed as a strong bullish signal by market analysts and traders. The pattern consists of a “Cup” shape followed by a “Handle” formation, and it has historically been associated with potential price rallies. Dines believes that this pattern in the Bitcoin chart could indicate an impending rally to $75,000.

The Cup and Handle pattern began forming in March 2022 when the Bitcoin price plunged below $48,000, initiating one of the longest bear markets for the cryptocurrency. The pattern reached its lowest point at approximately $17,600, which served as a significant support level for Bitcoin. The left side of the pattern exhibits a rounded bottom resembling a cup. This cup is formed when the price initially declines, then consolidates, and finally starts to rise again. Following this bottom, Bitcoin’s price has undergone a steady recovery, mirroring the right side of the cup. This upward movement signals a bullish reversal of the previous downtrend.

According to Dines, the saucer or cup represents a consolidation period, a pause in the downward trend, before the price begins to rise back up to test resistance levels. Bitcoin completed this phase of the pattern in early January this year when it reached the initial resistance line. This recovery to the resistance line signifies the completion of the cup portion of the pattern.

Following the recovery, the Cup and Handle pattern features a handle, which is characterized by a moderate retracement and a slight downward trajectory. The handle is considered the final consolidation stage before a breakout occurs. In BTC’s case, the price dropped to $38,600 at the end of January, marking the bottom of the pullback. The subsequent breakout above $48,000 validated the cup and handle pattern.

Dines also touched upon the projection of the vertical target line from the bottom of the handle, explaining that it is open to interpretation but traders often examine charts for formations. The height of the cup, ranging from the lowest point at roughly $17,600 to the resistance line at $48,000, sets the stage for the price target. Many traders use this height to set their price target, adding it to the bottom of the handle. Based on the chart, this height is approximately $31,973, implying a potential price target of around $75,000 when projected from the handle’s formation.

Dines reiterates that the collective behavior of market participants will ultimately guide the price movement. If enough long traders set a target retrace at approximately $75,000 and actively engage in this trade, they can influence the dominant price action and turn the chart projection into reality. Although it may sound absurd, this is how markets often discover price in the real world.

While the Cup and Handle pattern in Bitcoin’s price chart suggests the possibility of a rally to $75,000, it is important to approach this analysis with caution. Technical patterns serve as useful indicators, but they are not foolproof guarantees of future price movements. Traders and investors should conduct their own research and consider multiple factors before making any investment decisions. The cryptocurrency market is inherently volatile and carries risks, and therefore, it is crucial to exercise diligence and make informed choices.


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