The Bankruptcy Saga of FTX: Moving Millions in Digital Assets

The Bankruptcy Saga of FTX: Moving Millions in Digital Assets

Blockchain analytics firm Nansen recently revealed that bankrupt FTX has transferred $156 million worth of digital assets in a series of transactions. One significant movement involved FTX unstaking 1.6 million Solana (SOL) tokens, valued at approximately $57.6 million, on October 30. Although the unstaked assets are currently held in the staking wallet, FTX’s fund movement will ultimately increase the total SOL transferred to nearly $90 million. This move aims to help maximize FTX’s assets as the exchange works through its bankruptcy ordeal.

Nansen further estimated that FTX has sent a stream of transactions to crypto exchanges, such as Binance and Coinbase, from its insolvent status. In addition to the unstaked Solana assets, these transfers included 1,100 Ethereum (ETH) tokens worth $2 million, 10.5 million USDC, and 7.6 million Render tokens valued at $500,000. FTX also moved 833,000 Kyber Network Crystal (KNC) tokens equivalent to $616,000, and 108 million TRUE tokens worth $420,000. Other assets transferred included 138,000 Band Protocol tokens valued at $221,000, 2.5 million The Graph tokens worth $273,000, 845 Maker tokens valued at $1.17 million, and 9.5 million REN tokens worth $500,000. Additionally, the transfers involved 695,000 Perpetual Protocol Tokens worth $423,000, 767,000 Biconomy Tokens valued at $182,000, and 23,000 Polygon tokens worth $15,000.

Following reports of Google’s $2 billion investment in the artificial intelligence startup Anthropic, the prices for FTX claims experienced an upsurge. Travis Kling, a hedge fund manager at Ikigai, expressed optimism that this investment had brought FTX bankruptcy close to full recovery. However, Thomas Braziel, an expert on FTX claims at 117 Partners, cautioned creditors to remain vigilant. Braziel noted that while the investment news was positive, there is still a long road ahead for the bankruptcy proceedings. The exact valuation of the Google-Anthropic investment remains undisclosed, leaving room for uncertainty in the future of FTX.

According to data from Cherokee Acquisition, the value of FTX claims has risen to between 50 and 53 cents on the dollar as of press time. This increase reflects growing investor confidence in the potential recovery of funds through the bankruptcy proceedings. While the exact outcome remains uncertain, the rising value of FTX claims indicates a glimmer of hope for creditors.

FTX’s bankruptcy saga continues as wallets linked to the exchange have transferred millions of dollars’ worth of digital assets, including Ethereum and Solana, in recent transactions. While the unstaking of Solana tokens aims to maximize FTX’s assets, caution remains necessary for creditors as they navigate through the complex bankruptcy process. The recent news of Google’s investment in Anthropic has injected hope into the recovery prospects for FTX, but the path to complete recovery is still uncertain. As the value of FTX claims rises, creditors watch closely, hoping for a successful resolution in the future.


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