Tether Partners with Law Enforcement to Seize Funds from Tech Support Scam Network

Tether Partners with Law Enforcement to Seize Funds from Tech Support Scam Network

Tether, a stablecoin issuer, recently worked closely with the US Department of Justice and the FBI to seize $1.4 million USDT linked to a tech support scam network. The scam targeted vulnerable elderly individuals through deceptive pop-up ads, tricking them into thinking their devices had been compromised. Victims were then coerced into transferring their funds into cryptocurrencies and sending them to hacker-controlled wallets.

Tether’s CEO, Paolo Ardoino, emphasized the importance of this action in upholding integrity within the cryptocurrency industry. This collaboration with law enforcement is part of Tether’s ongoing efforts to combat illicit activities and protect users from falling victim to fraudulent schemes. The recovered funds will be returned to the victims of the scam, demonstrating Tether’s commitment to safeguarding its users.

In addition to their collaboration with law enforcement, Tether has also partnered with Celo, a mobile-centric layer-1 platform. This integration brings significant benefits to USDT, including lower transaction fees and expanded utility on Celo for activities such as remittances, savings, lending, peer-to-peer transactions, and cross-border payments. Ardoino praised Celo as an “important new transport layer” due to its focus on emerging markets and cost-effective transactions.

Furthermore, Celo is in the process of transitioning to a layer 2 network built on Ethereum, with plans to use USDT as a gas currency within the ecosystem. This initiative aims to streamline transactions and improve efficiency within decentralized applications specializing in payments, lending, and other financial services. USDT’s integration with Celo highlights the growing importance of stablecoins in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Interestingly, Tether’s major stablecoin competitor, Circle-issued USDC, also expanded in a similar manner to Celo in January. This competition between stablecoin issuers highlights the increasing demand for decentralized financial services and the need for secure and reliable digital assets. As the cryptocurrency industry continues to evolve, collaborations between stablecoin issuers and blockchain platforms will play a crucial role in shaping the future of finance.


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