Revolutionizing Mobile Gaming: OVERDARE’s Partnership with Circle Internet Financial

Revolutionizing Mobile Gaming: OVERDARE’s Partnership with Circle Internet Financial

OVERDARE, a mobile gaming platform supported by industry giants KRAFTON and NAVER Z, has joined forces with Circle Internet Financial to bring innovation to the mobile gaming sector. Through Circle’s Programmable Wallets, game content creators can easily create secure in-game Web3 wallets and receive direct USDC payouts. This collaboration aims to enhance the gaming experience for both players and creators by introducing AI tools and ‘OVERDARE Studio’ for customizing gaming experiences.

To support the focus on creators, OVERDARE is integrating the Settlus network, which facilitates the licensing of interactive content on the blockchain. This integration allows creators to establish asset ownership, license, and monetize their work in a transparent and scalable manner. Settlus, part of the Cosmos ecosystem, enhances interoperability between blockchains and maintains detailed records of digital asset transactions.

OVERDARE, Inc. is introducing Circle’s Programmable Wallets for IP trading and USDC payouts to revolutionize IP and income management for creators. This initiative aims to simplify the transition from Web2 to Web3 platforms for creators, focusing on user-friendly asset management and secure transactions.

By adopting USDC as an alternative for creators to earn revenue and settle transactions, OVERDARE is providing creators worldwide with lower settlement fees and nearly instant payment processing. This gives creators easy access to their earnings whenever needed, unlocking new opportunities in the expanding metaverse and gaming sectors.

The partnership between OVERDARE and Circle represents a significant advancement in the mobile UGC gaming sector, offering creators new opportunities in the rapidly growing areas of gaming and the metaverse. Henry Park, CEO of OVERDARE, expressed excitement about the collaboration with Circle, emphasizing the company’s reputation for regulatory compliance and reliability.

The collaboration between OVERDARE and Circle Internet Financial is set to revolutionize the mobile gaming sector, empowering creators with new tools and opportunities in the evolving landscape of gaming and the metaverse.


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