Revolut Halts Cryptocurrency Trading for Business Clients in the UK

Revolut Halts Cryptocurrency Trading for Business Clients in the UK

Revolut, the popular digital banking and fintech platform, has announced a temporary suspension of its cryptocurrency trading services for its business clients in the United Kingdom. The decision comes as a response to anticipated regulatory changes set to be implemented in early 2024. This move is in line with Revolut’s commitment to adapting its business crypto offerings to meet new regulatory requirements and enhance customer experience.

Revolut will discontinue the option for UK business customers to purchase cryptocurrencies through its platform starting from January 3, 2024. However, existing business clients will still be able to hold and sell their current crypto assets. This decision, although not formally announced, has been confirmed by the company in internal communications obtained by City A.M., a London-based news outlet.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the regulatory body overseeing financial services in the UK, introduced a series of new rules for the crypto industry in October. These rules are designed to enhance investor protection in the crypto market and will become effective from January 8, 2024. Revolut’s decision to temporarily suspend cryptocurrency trading for its business clients aligns with its proactive approach in complying with these regulations.

Revolut emphasizes its commitment to ensuring greater protection for crypto investors and improving the overall customer experience. By aligning with the new regulatory requirements, Revolut aims to maintain transparency and trust among its clients. The company recognizes the importance of adapting its business practices and technological infrastructure to meet the evolving demands of the regulatory landscape.

Revolut’s decision to halt cryptocurrency trading for business clients in the UK reflects a broader trend among fintech firms to proactively adapt to evolving regulations surrounding cryptocurrencies. This trend has also been observed in the US, where Revolut temporarily suspended its crypto activities due to regulatory uncertainties. Fintech companies are clearly demonstrating their commitment to compliance and customer protection by aligning with regulatory changes.

Revolut’s temporary halt on cryptocurrency trading services for its business clients in the UK is a strategic move to comply with anticipated regulatory modifications. The decision reflects the company’s commitment to aligning with the evolving regulatory landscape and ensuring the best experience for its customers. By temporarily discontinuing cryptocurrency purchases for business clients, Revolut aims to integrate necessary technological updates and improve compliance with the new regulatory requirements. As the crypto industry continues to grow and be subject to increased regulation, it is crucial for companies like Revolut to adapt and prioritize customer protection and compliance.


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