OpenSea Denies Involvement of Former Employee in AnubisDAO Rug Pull Scandal

OpenSea Denies Involvement of Former Employee in AnubisDAO Rug Pull Scandal

In the world of nonfungible tokens (NFTs), scandals and controversies can often capture the attention of the community. Recently, accusations have emerged on social media linking OpenSea’s former head of ventures, Kevin Pawlak, to the infamous AnubisDAO rug pull in 2021. However, OpenSea has publicly denied any knowledge or evidence of Pawlak’s involvement in the scandal. This article aims to analyze the allegations and OpenSea’s response, shedding light on the situation.

A Twitter thread by the anonymous account NFT Ethics sparked the controversy, alleging that Kevin Pawlak, under the pseudonymous identity “0xSisyphus,” played a significant role in promoting the AnubisDAO project to investors. NFT Ethics claimed that Pawlak and other developers intentionally orchestrated the rug pull, where funds raised by the project were quickly transferred to external wallets. These allegations were further supported by blockchain analytics account Lookonchain.

OpenSea, in response to the accusations, stated that it had no knowledge or evidence of Pawlak’s involvement in any dubious activities. The company’s spokesperson emphasized that Pawlak had a limited scope during his time at OpenSea and held a non-management position. Furthermore, OpenSea clarified that the alleged rug pull incident occurred before Pawlak joined the company. Thus, OpenSea distanced itself from any association with the projects in question.

To better understand the context, it is crucial to delve into the AnubisDAO rug pull itself. In October 2021, the project managed to raise a substantial amount of funds, approximately 13,556 Ether (ETH), from crypto investors. However, within 20 hours, the funds were swiftly transferred to multiple wallet addresses, resulting in significant losses for the investors. This incident raised eyebrows within the crypto community and led to investigations and discussions surrounding the responsible parties.

While the accusations against Pawlak seemed damning, not everyone was convinced. Blockchain sleuth ZachXBT expressed skepticism about the allegations, describing the Twitter thread as “mid-curve” and lacking factual evidence. ZachXBT argued that the thread relied heavily on unrelated events and assumptions about 0xSisyphus’ involvement. It is worth noting that 0xSisyphus had previously offered a bounty for identifying the wallet address responsible for draining the funds, which sparked further doubts about the accusations.

ZachXBT also made a crucial distinction between negligence and outright theft. While admitting that 0xSisyphus may have been negligent for lying about the Anubis team multisig, ZachXBT asserted that this negligence does not equate to stealing money from one’s own project. He highlighted that 0xSisyphus had been the only team member communicating with the Department of Homeland Security, implying that higher authorities may have already scrutinized his activities.

Amidst the allegations and counterarguments, the truth of Kevin Pawlak’s involvement in the AnubisDAO rug pull remains uncertain. OpenSea firmly denies any knowledge or evidence of Pawlak’s participation, emphasizing his limited role during his tenure. The crypto community awaits further developments and investigations to shed light on the matter. NFT scandals serve as reminders to exercise caution and conduct thorough research before engaging with any projects in the NFT space.


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