New Opportunities Await Travellers and Shoppers with the Launch of “HANEDA NFT Stamp Rally”

New Opportunities Await Travellers and Shoppers with the Launch of “HANEDA NFT Stamp Rally”

The Haneda Future Research Institute has recently unveiled its plans to introduce the innovative “HANEDA NFT Stamp Rally” on the Astar Network. This initiative, which precedes the highly anticipated “HANEDA EXPO” technology festival scheduled to commence on November 17th, aims to revolutionize the way people travel and shop within Haneda Airport, HANEDA INNOVATION CITY®, and Ota Ward shopping district. Through the use of NFT stamps, customers will embark on an interactive and engaging shopping experience, enabled by SUSHI TOP MARKETING.

Gone are the days when shopping was a mundane task. With the introduction of digital stamps that can be collected using smartphones, customers can now experience the thrill of accumulating unique NFT stamps across 17 participating stores. Furthermore, presenting these digital stamps at the respective stores unlocks a range of exciting benefits, including complimentary soft drinks, free popcorn, discounts, and even mini craft beers. Additionally, avid collectors who manage to collect all four NFT stamps will have the opportunity to secure exclusive HANEDA EXPO original merchandise. This not only encourages customer participation but also fosters brand loyalty and anticipation for future events.

To ensure that everyone can embrace the advancements of Web3 technology, the Mirai Research Institute and Japan Airlines Co., Ltd. will release an NFT stamp specifically tailored for individuals new to this digital landscape. This inclusive initiative seeks to create a welcoming environment for all users, regardless of their level of familiarity with Web3 technology. The Mirai Research Institute has already demonstrated its commitment to simplifying Web3 through their collaboration with WebX, Asia’s largest Web3 conference, earlier this year on the Astar Network. By doing so, they have made it clear that their objective is to make Web3 easily accessible to anyone who wishes to explore the digital future.

The launch of the “HANEDA NFT Stamp Rally” and other Web3 initiatives on the Astar Network showcases the transformative power of NFTs beyond their traditional role as digital assets. This revolutionary integration of NFTs into commercial enterprises demonstrates their capacity to enhance customer engagement and streamline business operations. The introduction of this initiative, perfectly timed to align with the forthcoming HANEDA EXPO, presents an exciting new dimension to customer engagement and business flow through the utilization of NFTs.

As technology continues to evolve, it opens up endless possibilities for enhancing various aspects of our lives. The “HANEDA NFT Stamp Rally” is a prime example of how innovation can reshape the way we travel and shop, creating unforgettable experiences for customers. By leveraging blockchain technology, Haneda Airport, HANEDA INNOVATION CITY®, and Ota Ward shopping district are paving the way for a new era of customer engagement and interaction. As we eagerly await the grandeur of the HANEDA EXPO, this NFT stamp rally serves as a powerful reminder of the potential and limitless opportunities that lie ahead in our digital future.


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