Is an Altcoin Run Imminent? Analyst Predicts 100% Pump for ADA

Is an Altcoin Run Imminent? Analyst Predicts 100% Pump for ADA

As the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) case against Coinbase unfolds, the crypto community eagerly awaits the judge’s ruling. YouTube analyst Crypto Capital Venture believes that if the decision falls in favor of Coinbase, it could trigger an altcoin run, potentially leading to a 100% increase in assets like Cardano (ADA). In this article, we will examine the factors leading up to this crucial decision and the implications it could have on the market.

Only 22 days after the SEC allowed Coinbase to go public, Gary Gensler, the SEC chairman, testified before Congress. He expressed concerns about the lack of regulatory framework surrounding exchanges that trade digital assets. This testimony created a sense of uncertainty within the market, leaving investors questioning the future of cryptocurrencies.

Adding to the lack of clarity, the judge overseeing the Ripple case declared that XRP is not a security. This ruling further intensified market uncertainty, as it introduced doubts about the SEC’s classification of different digital assets. Interestingly, the announcement of this decision led to a 100% price surge for XRP in July 2023. However, the subsequent decline back to previous levels demonstrated the volatility of the market.

While Bitcoin and the overall crypto market still have some way to go before entering a bull market, there are several factors that could contribute to a more positive outlook. The upcoming Bitcoin halving event, where the mining reward is halved, typically leads to improved prices. As this event draws nearer, it is reasonable to expect a more favorable environment for cryptocurrencies.

According to Crypto Capital Venture, crypto is poised for bullishness in 2024. This sentiment stems from the historical correlation between the bearish market sentiment during XRP’s 100% pump in July and the subsequent positive market movements. The analyst highlights Cardano (ADA) as a potential beneficiary of this bullish run, citing positive sentiment surrounding the approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs.

Analyzing the daily chart of Cardano, Crypto Capital Venture speculates that ADA may experience a consolidation phase leading up to March. It is worth noting that a ruling on the Coinbase case is expected during this period. While the outcome remains uncertain, the analyst believes that the market is primed for a favorable decision, which could contribute to ADA’s upward momentum.

The judge’s ruling in the SEC case against Coinbase has the potential to ignite an altcoin run and propel assets like Cardano (ADA) to a 100% increase. The testimonies by SEC chairman Gary Gensler and the declaration that XRP is not a security have created market uncertainty. However, with the Bitcoin halving event approaching and positive sentiment surrounding spot Bitcoin ETFs, the analyst anticipates a more bullish market in 2024. While the specifics remain unknown, the stage seems set for a positive resolution in the ongoing Coinbase case, which could have significant implications for the crypto market as a whole.


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