Is $28,100 the Next Major Resistance for Bitcoin?

Is $28,100 the Next Major Resistance for Bitcoin?

On-chain data suggests that Bitcoin might face a significant resistance level at $28,100, based on historical patterns. Analyzing the realized price of short-term holders (STHs), it becomes evident that when the BTC spot price approaches this level, it sets the tone for the future trend of the cryptocurrency. This article delves into the potential implications of breaking or failing to break this resistance and explores the recent market dynamics.

In the Bitcoin market, two main groups of investors can be identified: short-term holders (STHs) and long-term holders (LTHs). STHs are investors who have held their coins for less than 155 days and are more reactive to market changes, while LTHs tend to remain unaffected by short-term fluctuations. To understand the significance of $28,100, it is crucial to analyze the realized price for the STHs over the years.

Recent market developments, such as the news of Grayscale’s victory, have led to a surge in the BTC spot price. This rally has brought Bitcoin closer to the STH realized price, as observed in the graph. Historically, retests of this level have played a vital role in determining the future trend of the cryptocurrency.

During bullish periods, the STH cost basis tends to provide support to the Bitcoin price, while bearish regimes may encounter resistance at this level. This pattern has been evident in 2021, with the March and June retests finding support at the STH realized price. However, the recent crash caused Bitcoin to plunge below this level, suggesting a potential return to a bear market.

The failed retest of the STH realized price at $28,100 raises the possibility of a bearish transition in the market. This level becomes crucial in determining the future momentum of Bitcoin. If the cryptocurrency continues to surge and successfully breaks above this resistance, it could indicate that the bullish momentum is still intact. On the other hand, a rejection at this level might confirm the initiation of a bearish trend.

Current Market Dynamics

Following the latest surge, Bitcoin is currently trading around $27,400, with investors having realized 6% profits over the past week. This pullback could be attributed to the resistance provided by the STH cost basis. Traders’ focus will now shift to whether Bitcoin will undergo another retest of $28,100. The outcome of this potential retest will be critical in determining the short-term direction of the cryptocurrency.

As Bitcoin approaches the supposed resistance level at $28,100, investors and analysts will closely monitor its behavior. The historical significance of the retests of this level cannot be overlooked, as they often set the stage for the future trend of the cryptocurrency. Whether Bitcoin breaks above or fails to overcome this resistance will provide valuable insights into the ongoing market dynamics. As always, caution and careful analysis are essential when navigating the volatile world of cryptocurrencies.


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