Hong Kong Police in Search of Crypto Investor’s Abductors

Hong Kong Police in Search of Crypto Investor’s Abductors

The Hong Kong police force is currently on the lookout for four individuals who abducted a crypto investor in a shocking incident at Tai Lau Leng Village off Po Shek Wu Road in the Sheung Shui district. The unidentified woman, aged 55, was taken while she was in a car with her husband, with the suspects attacking him with a stun gun when he tried to intervene.

Reports suggest that the attack was related to a dispute over a HK$15 million (U.S.$1.9 million) crypto investment that the victim was involved in. The woman, who works as a crypto investor, was abducted for approximately an hour before being released in Ta Kwu Ling, around 4.3 miles away from where she was taken. Her husband, a 43-year-old owner of an information technology firm, also sustained injuries during the ordeal.

This incident adds to the rising trend of crypto-related crimes in Hong Kong, particularly revolving around financial disputes linked to digital asset investments. Just last month, a 19-year-old individual was rescued by the police after being subjected to threats and assault over a $23,000 crypto trading profit disagreement. In that case, three teenagers were apprehended, but there are still six individuals at large, including four males and two females.

Following the abduction, the police launched an investigation and conducted a search for the suspects involved in the crime. The captors are believed to be between the ages of 30 and 50, and the victim did not recognize them. The authorities have categorized the incident as unlawful detention and assault, with the couple being taken to a hospital for medical treatment.

This abduction marks the second such incident in Hong Kong within a span of 32 hours, highlighting the urgent need to address the growing threat of crypto-related crimes in the city. As the police continue their search for the perpetrators, it is essential for residents, especially those involved in digital asset investments, to exercise caution and seek assistance in case of any suspicious activity.


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