Google Cloud Launches Web3 Portal for Blockchain Developers

Google Cloud Launches Web3 Portal for Blockchain Developers

Google Cloud, a leading cloud computing service provider, has recently introduced a new Web3 portal specifically designed for blockchain developers. This portal is aimed at offering resources and assistance to developers interested in creating non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and decentralized applications (DApps).

The Web3 portal by Google Cloud provides developers access to a variety of products, datasets, and tutorials for developing NFTs and DApps. This platform acknowledges the increasing popularity of blockchain technology and its diverse applications beyond just cryptocurrencies. Google has acknowledged the necessity of equipping developers with the essential tools and knowledge to build innovative blockchain solutions.

While the launch of the Web3 portal has been well-received by many, there have been mixed reactions from the cryptocurrency community. Some industry insiders have expressed disappointment over the absence of native Bitcoin and lightning support on the portal. This deficiency is considered significant by some, considering Bitcoin’s dominance in the cryptocurrency market and its potential for driving innovation in the Web3 space.

Despite the absence of Bitcoin support, the Web3 portal still provides a vast array of resources and features for blockchain developers. These include access to products like testnet tokens for deploying DApps on Ethereum’s testnets, tutorials on NFT development and Web3 loyalty programs, and information on securing digital assets using multi-party computation (MPC).

Google’s Expansion in the Web3 Space

In addition to the launch of the Web3 portal, Google has been actively expanding its presence in the Web3 ecosystem. This expansion includes features such as the ability to search for wallet balances across multiple blockchains and revising advertising policies to permit certain crypto products. Prior to unveiling the Web3 portal, Google Cloud had already integrated with MultiversX and added several new blockchain networks to its BigQuery data warehouse, enhancing data analytics capabilities within Google’s ecosystem.

The introduction of the Web3 portal by Google Cloud signifies a significant step in the company’s foray into the blockchain space. While criticisms regarding the absence of native Bitcoin support have been raised, the portal continues to offer valuable resources and features for developers. Google’s ongoing efforts in the blockchain sphere demonstrate the company’s recognition of the potential of blockchain technology and its commitment to supporting its growth through the provision of tools and resources for developers.


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