FinDaS Launches New Tools to Assist Crypto Startups with Financial Planning and Tokenomics

FinDaS Launches New Tools to Assist Crypto Startups with Financial Planning and Tokenomics

Sofia – 11 October 11, 2023 – FinDaS, a prominent tokenomics consulting company, is excited to announce the launch of three innovative products aimed at helping crypto startups in their financial planning and tokenomics design. These tools are designed to provide startups with efficient and accessible solutions to assess their financials, validate their token economies, and comply with upcoming regulations.

FinDaS introduces an automated tokenomics calculator, which revolutionizes the process of designing and evaluating token economies. Even without prior expertise in tokenomics, users can easily navigate through a series of business-related questions using this tool. Utilizing advanced AI techniques, the calculator suggests optimal token economy setups based on predefined constraints. The basic version of this tool is available for free, with premium features requiring a subscription.

Key features of the tokenomics calculator include:

  • Performance score assessment for crucial aspects of the token economy
  • Multiple tokenomics scenarios depending on the company’s specific focus
  • Full customization of proposed scenarios (available in the premium version)
  • Detailed business explanations of generated tokenomics
  • Token price projections

FinDaS also offers a business valuation tool to aid both crypto and non-crypto companies in determining a fair valuation. This tool employs eight distinct valuation techniques and calculates a weighted average to provide a robust valuation of the company.

The tool generates the following financial statements:

  • Income statement
  • Cashflow statement
  • Balance sheet statement

Similar to the tokenomics calculator, the basic version of the business valuation tool is accessible for free, while advanced features require a one-time payment.

MiCA-ready Token Economy Papers

In accordance with the Markets in Crypto-Assets Regulation (MiCA), FinDaS offers MiCA-ready token economy papers and whitepapers that comply with the regulation’s standards and requirements. This ensures that companies can operate within the uniform EU market rules for crypto-assets.

“We are thrilled to launch our tokenomics calculator and business valuation tools, offering startups an efficient way to understand their financials and token economies,” said Hristo Piyankov, CEO and Lead Token Economist of FinDaS. “While these tools cannot replace dedicated financial and tokenomics experts, they serve as invaluable aids in validating ideas during the initial stages of a project, within minutes. For comprehensive support, FinDaS can also assist companies with their full tokenomics design and modeling, ensuring their token economies are sustainable and tested. This includes preparation for the upcoming MiCA regulations set to be enforced next year.”

FinDaS has been a leading tokenomics service provider since 2017, offering comprehensive support to companies in the crypto space. With over 250 successfully consulted projects that have raised over one billion USD, FinDaS has established itself as a trusted partner. The company’s approach to tokenomics development is driven by robust strategies rather than fleeting trends. Additionally, FinDaS provides MiCA-compliant token economy papers, aligning with regulatory requirements.

With the launch of these new tools, FinDaS continues to demonstrate its commitment to assisting crypto startups in their financial planning and tokenomics design. The tokenomics calculator, business valuation tool, and MiCA-ready token economy papers offer valuable support to startups in understanding and assessing their financials, validating their token economies, and complying with regulatory standards. FinDaS remains dedicated to providing sustainable and data-driven solutions to the evolving crypto industry.


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