Fantasy Top: A New Era of Crypto-Based Fantasy Football

Fantasy Top: A New Era of Crypto-Based Fantasy Football

Fantasy Top is not your typical fantasy football-style game. It operates on the Blast network and focuses on crypto influencers and their real-world social media engagement. Players compete by creating lineups of influencer NFT trading cards, each with its own rarity level. The higher the card’s rarity, the more points players can earn. This unique concept has attracted a lot of attention from crypto enthusiasts, with influencers even promoting their own in-game cards.

One of the key features of Fantasy Top is the use of Ethereum-based influencer trading cards. These cards are not just for show – they have real-world social media engagement data attached to them, making them valuable assets within the game. Players can acquire these cards through purchasing card packs or by trading for them with other players. The scoring system of the game is based on the real-world social media engagement of the influencers. The more engagement an influencer receives, the more points their card will earn in the game.

Concerns and Criticisms

Despite its innovative concept, Fantasy Top has not been without criticism. Content creator Jenn Duong raised concerns about potential manipulation in the game, particularly through the use of “botting” to inflate engagement numbers artificially. This could lead to unfair advantages for players who possess these cards and could call into question the authenticity of the social media engagement being used as a basis for scoring in the game.

Recently, Fantasy Top announced its first “Main Competition” with prizes totaling over $150,000 in Ethereum and 222,222 Blast Gold. Players also have the chance to win card packs and other in-game rewards, with the Blast Gold component alone estimated to be worth over $2 million. The game has already generated significant trading volume, contributing to more than 50% of the total trading volume on Ethereum’s mainnet. This demonstrates the game’s popularity within the crypto community and its potential for growth.

The Future of Fantasy Top

Fantasy Top has revolutionized the world of card trading games by integrating real-world social media engagement into its gameplay. With its unique concept and attractive prizes, it has captured the attention of both crypto enthusiasts and influencers. However, as the game continues to expand, it is essential that concerns about manipulation and the authenticity of engagement are addressed to ensure a fair gaming experience for all players. Despite these challenges, Fantasy Top remains a game to watch in the world of crypto trading cards, with the potential to continue evolving and captivating an audience of players and spectators alike.


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