Exploring OpenSea’s “Get Based” Series

Exploring OpenSea’s “Get Based” Series

OpenSea has introduced its latest project, the “Get Based” series, with the goal of highlighting artists who are utilizing Coinbase’s Base network, an Ethereum Layer 2 (L2) solution. This series will feature the works of up to 15 artists over the course of the summer, beginning with a reinterpretation of the iconic “Endless Summer” film by Carty Sewill, an artist and employee at OpenSea.

Artists and Works

The “Get Based” series will include weekly drops on OpenSea’s website and Farcaster, a social media protocol. These drops will offer open edition NFTs priced at $5 or less, with some even being made available for free. Notable artists participating in the series include Jhekub, the creator of RGB Punks; Hun, the creator of “Primitives;” Cryptic Poet, a meme artist; Yiying Lu, the creator of Twitter’s “Fail Whale;” Subwway, an illustrator, and Thank You Base God, who recently saw success with a free Base NFT mint on OpenSea, resulting in over 181,000 total mints.

In recent times, OpenSea has been placing greater emphasis on Coinbase’s Base network. Unlike popular layer-1 chains like Ethereum mainnet or Solana, Base is a developing chain that holds promising high-value collections. By showcasing these artists and their work on the Ethereum L2 network, OpenSea aims to introduce collectors to the Base network and provide support to artists within this environment.

OpenSea allows for the bridging of assets to Base, enabling users to make purchases using fiat currency and credit cards through a MoonPay integration. The “Get Based” series will coincide with Base’s “On-Chain Summer II” promotion, which kicks off on June 3. With prizes, incentives, and gas credits totaling over 600 ETH (approximately $2.3 million) available across various projects and protocols, this campaign seeks to enhance engagement within the Base network.

Through the “Get Based” series, OpenSea aims to create accessible entry points for collectors and shine a spotlight on talented artists. This initiative seeks to foster broader expansion and growth within the Base network, contributing to the overall development of the Web3 and NFT ecosystem.


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