Can Ripple ‘Burn’ its Escrowed XRP Funds and Impact XRP’s Price?

Can Ripple ‘Burn’ its Escrowed XRP Funds and Impact XRP’s Price?

The Ripple community has been buzzing with discussions about XRP’s lackluster performance and the potential for Ripple to take action. Former Ripple Director, Matt Hamilton, recently took to his X platform to propose an intriguing suggestion. He proposed that Ripple could potentially ‘burn’ its XRP holdings in escrow lockups by disabling the master key on the destination account where these funds are typically transferred. While this idea generated significant interest, it also raised questions about the feasibility and impact of such a move.

Token burning is a common practice in the cryptocurrency space, as it is often used to reduce the total supply and increase scarcity, which can potentially drive up the value of the remaining tokens. Hamilton argues that disabling the master key on the destination account achieves a similar effect to burning tokens, making them inaccessible to anyone once released from escrow. This proposal emerged from a larger discussion among members of the XRP community regarding what Ripple should do with the escrowed funds if there was a need to dispose of them.

Crypto sleuth Mr. Huber, however, offered a different perspective, asserting that Ripple does not have the authority to burn these escrowed funds unilaterally. He stated that Ripple would require the approval of validators on the XRP Ledger before taking such a significant action. This implied that these escrowed funds might be encoded on the XRP Ledger, necessitating permission from validators to modify the code and burn the funds. Nonetheless, Hamilton’s proposal mainly focuses on disabling access to the destination account as a method of burning the funds.

The possibility of Ripple burning its escrowed funds has captured the attention of the XRP community, particularly in light of recent discussions about Ripple’s alleged deliberate suppression of XRP’s price. Some within the community argue that burning a portion of the tokens could demonstrate Ripple’s commitment to XRP’s growth. However, it is essential to recognize that burning these tokens may not be a straightforward process and does not guarantee a significant impact on XRP’s price.

XRP YouTuber Moon Lambo pointed out that Ripple’s XRP holdings are not part of the tokens available on the open market. This observation suggests that even if Ripple were to burn a portion of its escrowed funds, it might not directly influence XRP’s price on the open market. Additionally, it has been reported that Ripple’s XRP transactions do not have a substantial impact on crypto exchange prices. These factors indicate that Ripple understands the limited potential to influence price through burning tokens and explains their focus on returning most of the unlocked tokens to escrow to provide stability to XRP.

While the concept of Ripple burning its escrowed XRP funds sparks interest within the XRP community, the feasibility and impact of such an action remain uncertain. Ripple would need the approval of validators on the XRP Ledger to make significant modifications to the code and burn those funds. Additionally, even if such a move were to take place, it is unclear whether it would significantly impact XRP’s price on the open market. Ultimately, Ripple’s emphasis on returning unlocked tokens to escrow suggests that they are prioritizing stability over token burns. As the XRP community continues to discuss and speculate, it is essential to approach these proposals with caution and recognize the risks associated with investing in cryptocurrencies.

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