Binance Launches Staking Campaign for PIXEL Tokens

Binance Launches Staking Campaign for PIXEL Tokens

Binance, one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges, is gearing up to launch a new staking campaign through its Launchpool feature. This time, participants will have the opportunity to earn up to 350 million PIXEL tokens. PIXEL is the native token of Pixels, a popular crypto game that operates on the Ronin network. With the upcoming launch of the Ronin gaming token, Binance customers can stake BNB or FDUSD stablecoin to earn PIXEL tokens.

PIXEL is the native token associated with Pixels, a farming and life simulation game that operates on Ronin, an Ethereum scaling network designed specifically for gaming. The game was previously hosted on the Polygon network but migrated to Ronin last year. Since then, it has witnessed a significant increase in daily active users. PIXEL tokens are integral to the game’s ecosystem, and players can earn them through various in-game achievements.

Binance’s Launchpool promotion offers users the chance to earn PIXEL tokens by staking either BNB or FDUSD stablecoin. The campaign will distribute 7% of the total PIXEL supply, equivalent to 350 million tokens. It is set to commence on February 9 and will run for ten days. Following the conclusion of the staking campaign, the PIXEL token will be officially listed on Binance for trading starting from February 19.

The upcoming Launchpool promotion presents an excellent opportunity for Binance users to earn PIXEL tokens and participate in the growing world of blockchain-based gaming. With the official listing of PIXEL on Binance, more traders and investors will have access to the token, potentially resulting in an increase in its value. The success of Pixels and other games on the Ronin network highlights the transformative potential of blockchain technology in the gaming industry.

Although it is still unclear, there is a possibility that Pixels may conduct airdrops of PIXEL tokens to players who have successfully completed the game’s play-to-airdrop campaigns. Approximately 28,000 wallets could be eligible based on their in-game achievements. This further incentivizes players to participate in the game and engage with the PIXEL token.

Binance’s Launchpool staking campaign for PIXEL tokens is a significant development in the world of blockchain gaming. By providing users with the opportunity to earn PIXEL tokens through staking activities, Binance is contributing to the growth and adoption of blockchain technology in the gaming industry. The official listing of PIXEL on Binance further enhances its accessibility to traders and investors, potentially driving its value upwards. As the success of Pixels and other games on the Ronin network demonstrates, blockchain technology has the power to transform the gaming industry and create new opportunities for players and investors alike.


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