Tencent Cloud Introduces Web3-Native Product to Support Web3 Developers

Tencent Cloud Introduces Web3-Native Product to Support Web3 Developers

Tencent Cloud, in collaboration with Ankr, has launched its first Web3-native product called Tencent Cloud Blockchain RPC. This product aims to provide Web3 developers with an improved experience by offering a reliable Web3 infrastructure and essential developer services.

Web3 development presents several obstacles for developers, including high operational costs and the need for substantial resources. Tencent Cloud recognizes these challenges and aims to address them with its Blockchain RPC service. This service enables developers to query data and process transactions on various blockchains with ultra-low latency, allowing for a focus on decentralized application development. It also aims to mitigate common challenges such as hardware failures, network disruptions, and potential malicious attacks that can hinder application performance.

Enhanced Stability and Scalability

Tencent Cloud’s Blockchain RPC service is designed to provide stable and flexible scaling even during high concurrency periods. This capability is crucial for decentralized application development and can potentially make the process easier. The service promises high disaster tolerance and ultra-low latency RPC services, ensuring stability and service availability in the fast-paced Web3 environment.

Two Versions for Different Needs

Tencent Cloud plans to offer its Blockchain RPC service in two versions. The public version will have specified features and rate limits, while the premium version will operate on a Pay-as-you-Go model, offering increased request throughput and enhanced rate limits. This flexibility allows developers to choose the version that best suits their needs.

Expansion Plans

Tencent Cloud has ambitious plans to expand its Blockchain RPC service to encompass more blockchains and global regions in the near future. This expansion will further enhance the capabilities and reach of the service, benefiting Web3 developers worldwide.

Promising Performance Metrics

The new product showcases promising performance metrics, supporting up to 1,800 requests per second per chain. This impressive feature is made possible by leveraging Ankr’s expertise in node technology. It demonstrates Tencent Cloud’s commitment to delivering high-performance solutions for Web3 developers.

Poshu Yeung, Senior Vice President at Tencent Cloud International, expressed his enthusiasm about the launch of the Blockchain RPC service. He emphasized Tencent Cloud’s dedication to empowering developers and supporting the growth of decentralized applications. Tencent Cloud is committed to evolving and meeting market needs to provide the best Web3-related features and services.

A Milestone in the Decentralized Internet

Stanley Wu, the Co-Founder and CTO of Ankr, highlighted that the collaboration with Tencent Cloud marks a significant milestone in the growth of the decentralized internet. This partnership hints at a promising future for blockchain applications and the continued advancement of the Web3 ecosystem.

Expansion and Popular Blockchains Supported

Currently, the Blockchain RPC service is operational in the Hong Kong and Singapore zones, serving customers worldwide. It offers top-notch blockchain interaction capabilities for three popular blockchains: Ethereum Mainnet, BNB Smart Chain, and Polygon PoS. Tencent Cloud plans to incorporate more Layer-1 and Layer-2 roll-up blockchains in the future, further expanding the reach of its service.

In February of this year, Tencent made headlines with its decision to scale down its Extended Reality (XR) metaverse division. This strategic shift marked a significant realignment for the Chinese technology firm. Instead of pursuing virtual reality hardware and software components, Tencent is now focusing on shaping its upcoming metaverse endeavors in a more economically viable direction.

A Promising Future for Tencent Cloud

With the launch of its Web3-native product, Tencent Cloud is solidifying its position as a leading provider of Web3 infrastructure and developer services. The collaboration with Ankr and the introduction of the Blockchain RPC service demonstrate Tencent Cloud’s commitment to innovation and supporting the global Web3 community. As the Web3 ecosystem continues to evolve, Tencent Cloud is well-prepared and equipped to meet the changing market needs and deliver exceptional Web3-related features and services.


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