Shiba Inu (SHIB) Rises 6% as Shibarium Beta Bridge Goes Live for Testing

Shiba Inu (SHIB) Rises 6% as Shibarium Beta Bridge Goes Live for Testing

Amidst a lack of bullish signals in the market, Shiba Inu (SHIB) experienced a significant 6% increase over the past day, driving its monthly gains to almost 12%. This surge can be attributed to the recent launch of the Shibarium Beta Bridge, which is part of the Shiba Inu project’s ambitious roadmap to transform into a complete ecosystem.

The Shibarium Beta Bridge

The team behind SHIB made an announcement regarding the release of the Shibarium Bridge beta version for public testing. This bridge allows users to transfer tokens between different networks. Initially, users are able to transfer testnet ether tokens to the layer-2 network, with each transfer expected to take a maximum of 30 minutes. The bridge is also compatible with the ERC-20 token standard and focuses on enhancing scalability.

The development of Shibarium faced delays, and concerns over the underlying code impacted SHIB’s value significantly in March. However, Shibarium is considered crucial for SHIB to compete among more serious contenders in the Web3 space. The integration of layer-2 is specifically aimed at increasing throughput and transaction speed, allowing the project to handle significant growth. A faster transaction speed has the potential to attract more users to the network.

Shibarium Token System

Shibarium leverages four tokens for applications developed on top of its blockchain. The tokens include BONE, TREAT, SHIB, and LEASH. Each token serves a unique purpose and contributes to the overall functionality of the ecosystem.

The recent news of the public testing for the Shibarium Beta Bridge has sparked interest among investors and enthusiasts. This increased demand could be one of the factors contributing to the rise in SHIB’s price. As more users gain access to the bridge and experience the benefits of transferring tokens between networks, the demand for SHIB may continue to grow.

With the successful implementation of the Shibarium Beta Bridge, the Shiba Inu project is moving closer to its goal of becoming a complete ecosystem. The team behind SHIB aims to create a comprehensive platform with enhanced scalability and improved transaction speeds. These developments position SHIB as a potential contender in the Web3 space, attracting both users and investors.

The recent surge in SHIB’s price can be attributed to the launch of the Shibarium Beta Bridge. This bridge enables users to transfer tokens between different networks, enhancing the project’s scalability and transaction speed. Despite delays and concerns in the development process, Shibarium is expected to play a crucial role in positioning SHIB among more serious contenders in the Web3 space. As demand for SHIB grows, the project’s ecosystem is set to expand, attracting more users and investors alike.


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