Revolutionizing the NFT Gaming Ecosystem: The Enjin Blockchain

Revolutionizing the NFT Gaming Ecosystem: The Enjin Blockchain

The anticipation is growing within the Enjin community as the debut of the Enjin Blockchain approaches on September 13th. This highly-anticipated development aims to revolutionize the NFT gaming ecosystem by democratizing access to NFTs. With the goal of enhancing the user experience in the NFT marketplace, the Enjin Blockchain will unite the Enjin and Efinity communities under one unified token, ENJ.

The transition to the Enjin Blockchain brings about significant changes that will shape the future of NFT gaming. One of the notable changes is the integration of the Efinity Matrixchain with the Enjin Matrixchain. This integration was decided through a successful community referendum in June, solidifying the Enjin Matrixchain as the initial matrixchain on the Enjin Blockchain.

There will also be alterations in the token system. Enjin Coin (ENJ) will shift from its ERC-20 base to the substrate-based Enjin Blockchain at a 1:1 ratio. Additionally, Efinity Tokens (EFI) will be exchanged for ENJ at a 4:1 rate. These changes in the token system aim to streamline the user experience and create a more efficient ecosystem for NFT enthusiasts.

Enhancing User Engagement

The Enjin Blockchain is driven by a mission to enhance user engagement in the NFT space. To achieve this, the platform will introduce new core features that simplify governance and staking processes. Fuel tanks and managed wallets will also be implemented, providing users with a smoother and more interactive experience.

The merger of Efinity into the Enjin Matrixchain ensures a seamless transition for users. All existing data from Efinity will be carried over, and Substrate EFI will automatically convert to native ENJ. This integration will establish a unified platform for the entire Enjin ecosystem, creating a cohesive environment for NFT enthusiasts to thrive.

The Enjin app layer is preparing for seamless integration with the new Enjin Blockchain. This integration promises users an enhanced and intuitive experience. Existing features like Beams will be accessible on the Enjin Matrixchain through the Enjin Wallet app, facilitating the migration of ENJ and EFI to native ENJ. The Enjin Wallet app will serve as a gateway to early governance and staking UI, encouraging users to actively participate in community governance.

Stimulating Growth and Innovation

The launch of the Enjin Blockchain is expected to stimulate further growth and innovation in the NFT sector. As the date approaches, users are advised to prepare for the migration and explore the new opportunities that the Enjin Blockchain will unlock in the world of NFTs.

What sets the Enjin Blockchain apart from other platforms is its unique approach to smart contracts. Unlike traditional platforms, the Enjin Blockchain embeds essential functions like creating, utilizing, and transferring NFTs directly into its core code. This streamlined approach enhances efficiency and user experience, setting a new standard in the NFT gaming ecosystem.

Comprehensive Blockchain Tools and Alliances

Enjin has unveiled a comprehensive suite of blockchain tools and solutions that cater to the needs of developers, businesses, and individual users. This suite includes the Enjin Platform, Enjin Wallet, the NFT marketplace, Software Development Kits (SDKs) and plugins, a powerful API, and a QR code asset distribution service. With these tools, users can easily create, manage, trade, distribute, and integrate NFTs into their projects.

Enjin has also forged alliances with industry giants such as Microsoft, Square Enix, and Entropia Universe. Collaborating with over 100 game and app developers, Enjin has participated in diverse projects covering reward initiatives, open-world fantasy RPGs, card trading games, augmented reality applications, and Minecraft servers. These alliances and partnerships highlight Enjin’s commitment to fostering growth and innovation in the NFT gaming industry.

The Enjin Blockchain is on the verge of revolutionizing the NFT gaming ecosystem. By democratizing access to NFTs and introducing new core features, Enjin aims to enhance user engagement and create a seamless experience for NFT enthusiasts. With the upcoming launch, users are advised to prepare for the migration and embrace the exciting opportunities that the Enjin Blockchain will bring to the world of NFTs. As a promising frontier for expanding the horizons of NFT accessibility and engagement, the Enjin Blockchain holds immense potential for the future.


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