Japanese Financial Holding Company SBI Group Expands XRP Remittance Services in Southeast Asia

Japanese Financial Holding Company SBI Group Expands XRP Remittance Services in Southeast Asia

Japanese financial holding company SBI Group has made an exciting announcement regarding its international remittance services arm, SBI Remit. The company has partnered with Ripple and SBI Ripple Asia to offer an innovative XRP remittance service to bank accounts in several Southeast Asian countries. This partnership is set to revolutionize the remittance industry in the region and provide a fast and cost-effective solution for individuals and businesses alike.


SBI Remit has been utilizing Ripple payment services for international remittances since 2017. Building on this successful collaboration, SBI Remit became the first company in Japan to introduce remittance services using XRP to crypto wallets in the Philippines earlier this year. This development has paved the way for the latest update, which will extend the payment technology service to bank accounts in the Philippines, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

The introduction of XRP as a bridge currency in the remittance process will enable SBI Remit to facilitate fast and cost-effective transactions. XRP’s unique properties, including its speed and low transaction fees, make it an ideal choice for cross-border remittances. By utilizing XRP, SBI Remit aims to provide a seamless and efficient remittance experience for its customers.

Market Potential

SBI Group expects the adoption of its XRP remittance service to accelerate rapidly. This optimistic outlook is based on the high volume of remittances to bank accounts in the Philippines, Vietnam, and Indonesia. These countries are major players in the remittance market, and there is a strong demand for fast and affordable cross-border payment solutions. By leveraging Ripple’s technology and partnership with Tranglo, SBI Remit is well-positioned to capture a significant market share in Southeast Asia.

Expansion Plans

While an exact date for the availability of the service has not been mentioned, SBI Remit has assured that it will be rolled out within this month. This indicates the company’s commitment to providing its customers with timely access to its innovative remittance solution. The expansion of XRP remittances in Southeast Asia marks a significant milestone for both SBI Group and Ripple, showcasing their dedication to revolutionizing the financial industry.

Ripple’s services continue to gain traction and adoption in Japan, despite the ongoing lawsuit in the United States. Recent developments include Japanese banks Yamaguchi, Momiji, and Kitakyushu supporting MoneyTap P2P, a RippleNet-based remittance service. These banks, with their extensive network of local branches, are key players in the Japanese banking sector. The increasing adoption of Ripple’s technology in Japan reinforces its position as a leading solution for cross-border payments.

The partnership between SBI Group, Ripple, and SBI Ripple Asia marks a significant step forward in the remittance industry. By leveraging Ripple’s technology and introducing XRP as a bridge currency, SBI Remit aims to provide fast and cost-effective remittance services to bank accounts in Southeast Asia. The company’s expansion plans demonstrate its commitment to driving financial innovation and meeting the growing demand for efficient cross-border payment solutions. With Ripple’s continued success in Japan, the future looks promising for the adoption of blockchain technology in the global financial landscape.


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