An Innovative Green Web3 Project: Chimpzee Combines Passive Income with Conservation

An Innovative Green Web3 Project: Chimpzee Combines Passive Income with Conservation

In the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency, a groundbreaking project called Chimpzee has emerged, bringing together the realms of passive income and conservation. This green web3 initiative is currently in the midst of a highly successful presale, aiming to raise funds for the development of its crypto ecosystem. To date, Chimpzee has raised nearly $1.2 million, reflecting the immense interest and support it has garnered within the community.

Chimpzee’s platform encompasses three major applications: a shop-to-earn and donate merchandise store, an NFT marketplace, and a play-to-earn game known as “Zero Tolerance.” Each of these components contributes to its overarching aim of promoting conservation efforts and mitigating the effects of climate change.

The Shop-to-Earn and Donate Merchandise Store

Chimpzee’s merchandise store offers a range of unique products for sale while providing an opportunity for passive income through the acquisition of CHMPZ coins. By making a purchase, individuals not only express their support for the battle against climate change and animal cruelty but also contribute to various charitable causes. A portion of the profits generated from the store is donated to selected charities, ensuring that customers feel good about their purchases having a positive impact.

The Play-to-Earn Game: Zero Tolerance

Chimpzee’s play-to-earn game, Zero Tolerance, offers players the chance to earn CHMPZ coins, obtain premium prizes, and actively participate in environmental protection. Players can utilize their Chimpzee Gold NFT Passport or custom avatar to combat poachers and safeguard forests from destruction. By engaging in this unique gaming experience, individuals contribute not only to their personal earnings but also to the preservation of our environment.

The Trade-to-Earn NFT Marketplace

Chimpzee’s NFT marketplace is the first of its kind, designed with a focus on environmental conservation. The platform shares a portion of its trading fee profits with its users, fostering an ecosystem where trading is incentivized. Notably, the marketplace prioritizes environment-focused NFTs and diligently evaluates projects to minimize the replication of collections. This commitment to authenticity ensures that users can confidently engage in the marketplace while supporting environmental sustainability.

A Charitable Endeavor

Chimpzee stands tall as a leading web3 charity project, emphasizing its dedication to charitable causes. The project has consistently demonstrated its commitment to making a difference by actively donating to various organizations. For instance, Chimpzee recently donated $20,000 to the WILD Foundation to support the preservation of endangered black jaguars. Moreover, the project has planted 1,200 trees in Brazil and an impressive 20,000 trees in Guatemala, contributing to reforestation efforts. Notably, Chimpzee donated $15,000 towards elephant conservation. The project maintains a comprehensive list of organizations it plans to support, exemplifying its long-term commitment to environmental protection.

Chimpzee recognizes the importance of maintaining a sustainable tokenomics model and has implemented extensive token burning to achieve this objective. With a goal of reducing the total token supply from 200 billion to under 50 million, Chimpzee has already burned 100 billion tokens. Additionally, another 40 billion tokens will be burned following the token’s launch. To further reinforce this approach, Chimpzee has introduced a promotional initiative to burn an additional 10 billion tokens whenever the presale reaches a milestone of $200,000. These token burns, along with the burning of tokens used to purchase Chimpzee Passport NFTs and remnants from each presale stage, contribute to a deflationary mechanism that strengthens the token’s value.

The Distribution of $CHMPZ Tokens

During the presale phase, 45% of the $CHMPZ token supply is available to the public, ensuring widespread access and participation. Additionally, 10% of the tokens are allocated to exchanges and liquidity, ensuring the seamless trading of $CHMPZ. The project reserves 15% of the tokens for marketing purposes, facilitating the project’s growth and visibility. Furthermore, 10% is dedicated to development, guaranteeing ongoing enhancements to the Chimpzee ecosystem. Recognizing the importance of fostering a supportive community, 5% of the tokens are allocated as community rewards. The team behind Chimpzee receives 5% of the tokens, which are locked for a period of two years, underscoring their long-term commitment. Lastly, and most importantly, 10% of the tokens are directed towards charitable causes, reinforcing Chimpzee’s mission to make a positive impact on the environment.

Chimpzee places great emphasis on security and transparency. The project’s team is fully verified by Cyberscope, and Solidity Finance has conducted a thorough security audit. These measures ensure that users can confidently participate in the Chimpzee ecosystem, knowing that their assets and personal information are protected.

Join the Chimpzee Movement

Chimpzee represents a novel approach to integrating the realms of green technology and cryptocurrency. By combining passive income opportunities with conservation efforts, Chimpzee empowers individuals to make a difference while benefiting from their participation. As the presale enters its final stages, now is the time to act and contribute to this exceptional initiative. Join the Chimpzee movement and be a part of the future of sustainable technologies.

To learn more about Chimpzee and participate in the presale, visit their official website.


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